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And it'll be 25% below that by 10:00AM

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Yeah that's definitely a reasonable alternative. Tankers are volatile things. Perhaps that's why i'm okay holding. I'm a degenerate gambler at heart. Made money on the side flipping SSL, EGLE, & LTM so I was able to satiate my desire to win some what.
One of these weeks it will be true though.

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thank you anon
didn't need that much of an explanation but i appreciate the effort

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>Tfw almost bought more spy puts at open but I already have 5k in puts and I promised myself that would be my max bet
Could have been making more but oh well at least I didn't go full retard in case today starts pumping hard

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You mean ChainLink? Seems cool to invest in. Why does your friend believe in it?
Like i said i just picked two names randomly and right now Crypto to me seems like its a gamble just like football matches. Honestly just wanna have fun and get interested in something
Dont got a switch because it aint got games. And $40 is as much as im doing because i have no idea what im doing. But yeah im planning on just waiting and forgetting about this desu. Not really looking to make quick money with Crypto because its not meant for quick money. Honestly just wanna get into it

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