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no, burry is laughing with me

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I never used to be a bobo but I've been converted. I'm looking to sell the local top and then I really do believe it will crash again.

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Anti-TA / anti-StochRSI anons are seething.

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One more dump and we go below 20k again, by the looks of futures it will happen by the time the markets open tomorrow, thanks for this little run up mumu, it let me buy some more cheap shorts.

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And just like that we will never see 21k again, nice try mumu, you managed to pump it a whole 3 days, but now we are going to 10, enjoy the dire because I know I will.

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>this is depressionary.
Excellent, no Mumu left alive.

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Welcome aboard bear brother

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Why is everything in the green? This is not organic, we just had the biggest rate hikes in 2 decades, and more hikes are not off the table. This feels like a scam pump. Heed my warning biz! Beware!

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Dead cat bounce

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I'm going to drink and sleep then

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It's over

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Definitely looks like it's happening: >>49726399
Definitely looks like it's happening: >>49726399
Definitely looks like it's happening: >>49726399
Definitely looks like it's happening: >>49726399

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a few hours ago: >>49696441

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19k waiting room

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It's about to begin.

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The 1H and 2H, check em.

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Stoch RSI

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head and shoulders

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Told you. The 1D Stoch RSI wasn't maxed out.

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You bagholders still here? Anyone who is just holding and not swingtrading like me is just delusional, you guys are swingtrading too right? It's kinda risky though since Melvin already covered.

Because they have covered, price will fall to 40$ soon but there is still potential for gains after that because of FOMO surrounding the 19th of march date, you guys think I should buy in before then?

However its never reaching 100 000$ like some of you claim, the government wont let that happen because it would crash the market. I myself would sell at 200$.
But for now, LITERALLY JUST SELL, buy C L F or some low cap crypto and go back2reddit.

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Look again.

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oooooops too late again!
Last chance to sell above 130 now

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