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literally can't go wrong with DCA'ing into QCOM. im also in SWBI and all i have to say is check out their recent earnings (was on Mar. 4th), it was fucking stellar. the price is still being suppressed due to the overall market selloff happening because of the gay bond shit, seriously get in on this ASAP and hodl and you will guaranteed make money. again just read the fucking ER it's a complete blowout of expectations, plus they're doing a share buyback, plus they're instituting a dividend.

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daily reminder to buy SWBI before earnings on Thursday for free money. it's a Biden presidency, i think you know what that means for guns.

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SWBI better fucking moon on earnings next thursday i swear to god...

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daily reminder to BUY SWBI before March 4th earnings, get it while it's still cheap because it won't be for long.

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