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XRP, KAS, Blocklord's token (whenever it releases) and TRON. No BTC and no ETH.

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Some people believe every post they make here is a crucial part of a culture war and every poster here is also of the same mind as them. Others post pictures of anime girls, spurdo, bananas, their cocks and loli doujins.

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My dick has a strong curve that may have been caused by too much masturbation. It accentuates the gentle curves of my body.

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>All the ones I want to read currently aren't released or translated
You are supposed to browse lists of translated media not depress yourself waiting for translations.
>I'm uncertain if using automated OCR machine translation would be satisfiable
If machine translations worked we wouldn't have people working for translation companies. Hilariously I saw threads on /vr/ showing how someone started a Patreon to translate PC98 VNs and was just running them through google translate and it worked for a while until he got caught.
No, the unrelated sequel to that that recently got a pc port. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Travelers_2
>Emulator or you have a cute PSP?
PStv is my favourite way to play PSP games. The Vita slim is cute too.
>my ISP could see that I am speaking the truth if they do Deep Packet Inspection.
Not if you use Chrome incognito mode.

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Hope to see you all there once pond hits 0.01, fellas. Not too long now.

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ok so you are poor and do drugs because you are poor and a loser noted.

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The Bulgarian government owns upwards of 200k BTC as a result of busting up an organized crime ring. There is significant political turmoil in the country and the head of state who has been linked with organized crimes multiple times as well has already been photographed with a grab bag of money at the ready should he need to bolt. Those 200k BTC are also enough to crash the market and if you think the boomer mafia don cares about the aftermath I dunno what to tell you.

You should be more worried about this than Satoshi cashing out.

t. I live in Bulgaria

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heh. nothin personal kid

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Almost as if I told you this would happen

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>10 % green candle out of nowhere

Next suckers rally

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cha get

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Bump you stinky niggers

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ppl are about to get completely fucked on.
glad i woke up and sold stupid shit to get out of it....MANA, FUN, SC (maybe SC...still undecided).

the launch will be swift and extremely unexpected. and by then it will be too late. same for QASH.

it will be XRB all over again except not on a shitty exchange.

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Is binance shady?

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Do u have a nano tube benis?

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Digits never lie..

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>about 1mil BTC are believed to be mined by Satoshi and have not been touched since they were mined.

That includes this estimation of the initial mining (which was necessary to bring mining speed up to a reasonable minimum with this model) which is probably inaccurate anyway, probably closer to 2mil, so the distribution across actual users is actually even better.

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>>3557984 (OP)
Da combrence bestergay refealeb to the borld da buttering botheads dat run this clam.

Brice has alreagy ganked 10%. Once it greaks prough the $1.50 rebistange the ganic will gebin and ball holders and spectacles will gebin to boffgoad, with da gales albready bong gone.

Once it poots brough da $1 nark, unagated BEER will ribe grough all BINKies. With all those who pumped geir burrent abbounts into this clam bitching at deir arsemole gontinuoubly while debreshing gittrex.

The $0.50 bark will be get, the blargest ganic in pistory will ebsue. The binal beluded chodes will gebin to go obbline, and bageguckers with their femgineering palaries boaged up in BINK will be cleft with it guck in their ballet, unagle to bove it to gittrex to salbage gome self resbect.

Da grice BILL gank at this boint to pub $0.10, band most grobably pub IOC bevels.

Brom that gay borgard the beluged bagegucking femgineering berds who gought bis coin dinking it had bungamenbals will go back to their bobs, with no boney in deir gurrent abbounts, to be made rebungant by da gext bave of pajeets abbiving to ungerbut deir bages.

Beluged BINKies will hold gabs BOREVER, with no bob, no boney, and no grypto.

I barned you BINKies. Bear's still gime to bet out. Bell NOW.

Don't be beluged, don't be a BINK. :DDD

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>be me
>6 year old first grader
>hear dad use the word topless
>I've never heard that word before
>at school the next day
>mom was a teacher so I'd always go to her room after school was over and play on her laptop
>open up google
>your search has returned 6 billion results
>images tab
>figure out topless refers to a bra so bottomless must mean underwear right?
>look at naked women everyday after school for the next few months
>get bored because wtf I'm 6 and can't masturbafe
>never clear my searches
I always wonder if my mom typed the letter T in the search bar and topless came up as a search suggestion. I also wonder if the IT people ever looked at her search history since it was her work history.
>TL;DR I looked at porn on my moms laptop at the school where she was a teacher


That was the last story I greentexted on /b/ so yeah maybe it'll earn me a BTC if it made you chuckle. Good day sir.

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