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I outperformed billionaires with my mickey mouse size portfolio, I won't go to jail and no one wants to kill me because I bankrupted them

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I unironically made more money this last month shorting than in the "bull run". Fuck your scams. Gains secured in the bank

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Nice pasta, anyway. YES

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1. Look like gigachad
2. Have a big hard long lasting peepee
3. Have a kike buddy of yours get you in the thot fucking pornography hustle
4. ???
5. Profit.

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Patrick Basedman

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Raiding rich people for fun and profit like a turbonigger.

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Yes. Nationalize all the oil companies faggot.

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Go to showings and gaslight them to keep the prices dropping.

>As a cash buyer I'd pull the trigger if it were 10% lower
>Walks away

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I don't hold, I sell short.

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It starts NOW

Prepare your butt cheeks for $40,000 BTC

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>Notice big ass "Now Hiring" poster
>Call their bluff by writing a bunch of stupid shit on the job application
>Check no driver's license
>Civic duties: Existential Philosophy
>Leave large portions of it blank
>Put heavy labor for long hours on skills and qualifications
>Put single union job I had 2 years ago as experience
>Reason for leaving: Union has no balls
>Job duties: Work mule and some forklift
>References: First name: Now Last name: Hiring
Address: Employer's address Years Known: 0 Occupation: Meat
>On identification form for race/ethnicity I made a new box and wrote "Attack Helicopter" for occupation on same form I checked "Operative"
>Actually get called in for an interview
>*surprised pikachu face*
>Oh shit, they might actually need people
>Top kek
>Walk in with dirty steel toe work boots and normal clothes
>Pull a Sam Hyde
>Is a Union Job
>Three Interviewers One Burger.mp4
>Ask me why I applied.
>Tell them I like burgers.
>Interviewers start laughing nervously.
>Literally tell them to their face that unions protect degenerate pieces of shit
>Ask what my ideal job looks like
>Tell them I prefer a guild in which higher skills and output correspond to higher pay like how a true merit structure is supposed to work
>Asked the typical "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
>Literally tell them to their face "Not answering silly questions" like a gigachad legend.
>All of them shocked laughing exclaiming "What the hell."
>Literally tell them I have a strong side hustle to keep my head above the water like a sigma male gigachad would so I unironically don't really need them.
>Rekt again.
>Proceed to rant on about how employers are lazy arrogant PoS
>Interview ends.
>Shake their hands and leave

I think I did great bros. I stayed in frame the whole interview.

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Whether or not something is a shortage or a lack of demand is entirely dependent on the perspective of the poster and it is categorically beyond being capable of happening of swaying my viewpoint on this matter.

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Give me your most based thing you will do once you are a millionaire.
Once I'm set for life I'll create a private foundation which grants money for men who are pursuing careers and grants money to young families (not single moms) for having children. Also the men and the families which will be receiving the money will be "worthy" of it by my criteria.

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This unironic boomer hack is to shake their hand. Literally apply online, call the company up and make some stuff about getting contacted for an interview. You can also show up with your resume and say hr contacted you to show up or you thought there was a career fair.

Jobs are like dating, all the online stuff doesn't actually work, you have to cold approach. Humans aren't meant to make hiring decisions based off of data.

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>>imagine providing a high quality service to society
Why yes, I underperform the spy and charge my investors 0.5% per year, how could you tell?

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Just bought 1,800 shares of Irving.

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Greetings fellow Chad

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I sold Cardano

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I got it in my wallet. All is good until now.

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30 years gives me plenty of time to accumulate.

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I agree anon, but desu around 50% of the girls who approach me in public are negresses, often in front of black guys. It's fun to flirt, see the nigcels seethe.

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Bought in yesterday when it listed on bitmax, feels super comfy

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