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WTF I made a thread a few days ago asking if MCDC would hit 0.01 again (at the time it was 0.005). Everyone who replied laughed at me or said no way in hell.. so I sold for a loss and now it’s fucking back at 2.5 fucking cents!!! Fuck you /biz/

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There’s an option in the settings menu on coinbase wallet that says “transfer your coins from coinbase to coinbase wallet” clicking it does nothing .. does anyone have this same experience ? I then have to send my eth from (((coinbase))) to the cb wallet , at another gas fee .. not botching about the price of gas cause I’m rich as fuck but more about the useless button

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So now that the rug has finally been pulled on the mcdc scamm I want to know how did /biz/ fall for this classic pnd again? You guys need to stay sharp

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That chart is a fucking nightmare, I'm sorry bro
Where did you buy in?

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should i sell my eth i bought when it was at 400 feels like im about to give my kid up for adoption but its dumping

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you didnt panic sell right anon? ;)

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Shitcoins utterly, eternally, devastatingly, BTFO from extrauniversal orbit across all timelines forever. We are all going to fucking make it bizbros (unless you hold anything other than these 4 coins)

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Minister you, Bogdanoff.

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>be me
>buy Bitbay at $0.06
>Does fuck all for a year
>Dump my coins
> Quadriples in value a month after selling
>Mfw I see this shit

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So what are my fellow Ausfags using instead of Coinspot to make AUD deposits to buy crypto now that this bullshit is going on?

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