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>don't know what advice to give you because I only started making successful daytrades after reading your posts and you're clearly smarter than me kek
Feels good man

>have you tried the williams$R strat on SPY or the Q's as well?
it should theoretically work on anything as long as there's enough volume/liquidity. i like to keep things simple, all im looking for are pullbacks in the general trend that reverse into the direction of the trend, and applying risk management to those signals. idk if i can really make it any better with more indicators is the thing, i think the big brain move i need to do is using ToS to backtest over many many days worth of price action data and testing out different risk management choices to see what is statistically the most efficient, comparing week to week and month to month over like 5 years, etc. like, using 1x, 1.5x, 2x, or 3xATR better? is it better to do a risk:reward of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, or some kind of "sell half equal to your risk then hold the other half until some amount, or until the indicator flips the other way" best? that's the big question that i need a computer to do for me.

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sure just don't be mad when it crashes. full disclosure i bought 1 share of TSLA with winnings i made from flipping it during the previous week so even if it crashes im only playing with house money.

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made a quick $2k off of TSLA but not touching that shit again, good luck to anyone willing to keep riding that horse. got my AAPL shares at $500, perfectly happy with holding long term but let's see how things work out today. up or down i don't really care but obviously up would be nice.

what are the odds of any other big tech companies doing a forward split? seems like free money every time.

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>AMD goes down
>AMD goes up a bit
>set a stop to enter 2 cents below the low of day
>quickly take profits from the stop losses that were hunted
>it goes up again
>set a stop loss to enter 2 cents below new low of day...

simple as

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