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>Bitcoin.com is pleased to unveil plans to offer one of the world’s first oracles for smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The autonomous feature will allow specialized prediction markets and decision-based transactions for sports scores, political results, and market exchange rates.

>With the new opcodes like DSV, Bitcoin Cash network participants can validate data when certain conditions are met within the smart contract. BCH-based oracles can theoretically trigger any type of smart contract from any type of data that exists outside the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.


>The Future of Farming: How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Agriculture with Smart Contracts and Oracles

>We are, however, fast approaching this new world as some of the greatest innovators in the space are set to produce what they believe is needed to transmit this data in a decentralized manner to the blockchain through what the industry has called “oracles.”

>Zap.org is one team with a potential solution, using a platform that enables the exchange of data. Their distributed and open-source platform will allow anyone to create or subscribe to an oracle of their choosing. This is the only free-market approach to curating a decentralized market for buying and selling data. They are set for Mainnet launch in January 2019 and see farmers and the agricultural industry as one of the main groups that will benefit from and adopt oracles to begin operations in the blockchain economy.


>Verity is the decentralized oracle for smart contracts. It makes it easy to verify real-world information and connect it to any smart contract. Using the wisdom of the crowd and blockchain-as-a-court-system, Verity is the solution to the oracle problem.

hahaha link btfo!!

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