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Why not? Are you afraid? KeK
> muuuh roger ver is good
> Mmmuuuhh is no more a pornstar that slit that stores the funds of link
> muuh vitalik is not autistic
> muuuhh bitcore is egold

fuck off twat

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It’s obvious

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why lump race and gender like that?

there's no reason why someone can't believe one is a cause but not the other

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he is talking about the latest release of truecrypt, which probably is compromised. 7.1a is still secure.

TrueCrypt Setup 7.1a.exe

unfortunately it doesn't play way with UEFI motherboards or non MBR disks so it isn't as reliable for system/whole disk encryption these days. luckily VeraCrypt seems like a fine continuation of TrueCrypt.

VeraCrypt Setup 1.23-Hotfix-2.exe

if trust isn't placed in VeraCrypt at least TrueCrypt 7.1a can still be used for encrypted file containers on modern hardware

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Notice that the author is Jonald Fyookball, a very big name in the BCH space. Roger Ver is often talking about Fyookball.

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why BSV is bitcoin: it doesn't have segwit (BTC), hasn't changed the tx ordering of the blocks or introduced centralized checkpoints (BCH), hasn't changed the block time (LTC).

BSV intends to restore the 2016 difficult adjustment ( https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1061991109914738688 ) and they try to reimplement the removed opcodes.

BSV is literally the original bitcoin. it doesn't matter if craig is satoshi or not, he is still a genius.

BTC have more reasons why they aren't bitcoin btw, they have clearly lost their way by moving from wanting to be cash for the whole world to wanting to be a store of value for only those who can afford it. they try to build sidechains that isn't even BTC exclusive instead of just scaling BTC on-chain as satoshi wanted ("it never really hits a scale ceiling"). and now there's talk of lowering the block size from 1 MB to 300 kB, it's ridiculous.

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anyone really surprised?
this could delay the USD crash by another 10 years

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if you paid just to get no ads + a "i support 4chan"-icon or something else that truly is trivial then i wouldn't have a problem with it

but instead it was "ok we need captcha to deal with spam, let's adopt the laziest possible solution and require it on every single fucking post, hey btw pay us money and you don't need to solve captcha". then they started restricting how often you could post with long cooldowns, unless of course you pay for a gold account. that's why i call it extortion. there's a reason nobody bothers to image dump nowadays.

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>We have a fucking working SNES Emulator on the blockchain.
do you have a direct link?

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well then the 500k prediction still stands, i doubt it will be even 1% of that amount

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Check out 15:42 and 18:12 in this video:


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Doesn't look like it, sir.

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Good news, we can learn more about nChain's technical director:

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