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i am gonna be so rich

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>go hiking by yourself in the Forrest full of wild animals

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>why yes, I own link. How did you know?

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Start pushing advances into their head. Say things like “we should go out some time” or “we should go out for drinks some time” but don’t set a dAte cuz it will put pressure on them. Then see how they react to if. If they’re like “uh yeah...sure” it’s a no go, don’t proceed. But if they’re “oh yeah, we definitely should, I wanna suck your dick, anon” then approach topic at next meeting.

>tfw fucked the entire office and got away with it before contract expired.

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>cuz her royal majesty

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>niggers who didn’t buy the Tesla dip

Bitches had 2 weeks.

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So the other half is?

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>Give us a run down.
please sir

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I like the LARP and are the you dude who fed the Pajeet's with algo?
>please sirs gimme money
like a poor pajeet can afford to browse a mongolian throat curling imageboard

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>please sir, I am doing this needful already. I vill even dispose of your crypto annter killing you free.

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>sir please sir in order for the needful I must need your ssn, dob, government issued Id, and video of your face, first starting with left side, then full frontal, then Right side.

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good good, now I can implement phase 2 of 3 of my purchase

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For curry

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>infinite money
>going bankrupt

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Tell them what’s up, you dumb zoomer. Tell them how rich you are. After all they did shit you out, fed you, clothes you, loved you and took care of you. How many people would do that with you? I bet even a wife wouldn’t wipe your ass and change your diaper when you’re 70. Now tell them how rich you are, pay all their bills, and throw the biggest party with hookers and drugs and confetti. They deserve it.

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Moshi moshi

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>don’t buy Apple at 213 billion

Ok, boomer

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