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MCDC anon.

Locked Liquidity for 1 year
37M Coins
Under 2M market cap
GREAT media potential, since McDonalds will try to sue it sonner or later.

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Ready for McMoon, anons?

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https://team.finance/view-coin/0x8937041C8C52a78c25aa54051F6a9dAdA23D42A2?name=McDonaldsCoin&symbol=MCDC Proof of locked liquidity EDIT: we are now at $290k of liquidity pooled!

Gather round everyone, and let me tell you a story.

A story about our dear friend McDonaldsCoin (MCDC) MCDC is a young coin, it's been three days since the presale began. Already we’ve accomplished so much in such a short time.

A: Uniswap listing activated. Presale contract has yet to exist. Bots immediately begin trading MCDC at over 10x the presale price. Hilarity, and also slight panic, ensues until we put a temporary halt on Uniswap activity

B: Presale has been deployed, then ended, and Uniswap trading has begun. All of us watch in awe as the coin travels up from $0.001 and reaches half of a cent, then blows through that and peaks at almost a full $0.01 in value. However, it abruptly dips down to less than half a cent again.

C: As momentum continues to build following recovery, we suddenly break through 1 cent and even past the pre-presale Uniswap bot price. Not much longer after that…

D: We’re breaking 4 CENTS for the first time! And less than 24 hours into the coin’s existence.

E: Despite a very tumultuous period, we NEVER ONCE dip below $0.02 and we eventually shake off the volatility… Only to be met by another abrupt dip down to $0.015. Notably, this point represents the “worst case” performance in recent history: A dip, but still maintaining a value of almost 15 times what the price began at, less than 48 hours prior.

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I will make it because of a Mcdonald's shitcoin and this will be the best life story ever.

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This shit is going to be 1$ EOM and I will make 100x.

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I'm a time traveller from 2025.
I've come back in time to tell you MCDC is the real deal.
After Biden bans crypto, but before the third world war, burger swaps become the only way to move value unencumbered by political interference.
Importers, exporters, large institutions all pile on.
The number of supported burgers grows exponentially.
Virtually every b2b (burger to burger) transaction on earth occurs with MCDC.
Why am I telling you this?
I am the inventor of the world's first time machine in 2025.
My wealthiest investor made his money on /biz/ in the early 2020's.
His sole condition for funding my work with his immense fortune was that I come back and tell "his fellow anons" that "we all make it in the end"
He misses the comradery.
He specifically wanted you know: "Pool's closed".
/biz/ is cancelled in 2023 by People's' Republic of Greater China (PRGC).
My duty is hereby discharged. Good luck with the upcoming war. Stay out of Asia.

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