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Hi, newfaguette here. I only recently started reading about crypto here and I have questions.

1. When or WHERE are miner fees lower/higher and why??? (only asking because yesterday in a matter of minutes I saw it go from .008 to .17 or higher which might as well be black magic to me)

2. What's a market cap and why is it more important than the low prices when it comes to crypto?

3. How badly have I fucked up? I might have wanted quick pocket money... first night here read a thread about this new cool $WOLFY (it's on here https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x75c83c6dafe52218f7a13c8244e9af5b60bc4511 ) that was only at the beginning so I put like $200 in it (big deal for me) aaaaand now it's doing kind of a weird thing where it seems dead. I'm no crypto doctor so my question is: is there a point in holding (in hopes that magically people will hear about it someday) or is it time to get out bc it will soon crash for good?

4.Any other advice?

Thanks ^^

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