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>living in a post 1945 world
>working and participating in society

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>waited for my 3 day ban to expire

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Selling a car for $300 (is it totaled??)? And online?

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>current year

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Why do you hate little girls?

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Proof? Link to any Stoch RSI thread where the Stoch-RSI-using-OP is saying BTC will dump to low 20k range by late May.

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>don't wana go to nam
>maybe enroll in college
>tuition is like $200
>naa too expensive
>the draft targeted poor people!!!

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Why is the frog upside down?
Why is OP's frog upside down?
Why is OP's frog upside down?

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Which ETF are you holding?
Want to get a small bag of them for longterm holding

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Linkies are jews???

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It was always 10k with a dip below.

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I don't understand why baggies and brainlets even enter threads like these. They know it will just make them mad and sad. It's like they enjoy being humiliated even more than they've already been. They see in the catalog a thread reminding them of a mistake committed did due to their low intelligence, reminding them of the fact they're brainlets, yet they feel compelled to enter the thread regardless.

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>thinking you have to tip

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>making a thread about chainlink in the current year

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Thinking anime watchers think shit like that about the female characters in anime is utterly retarded. I realized recently that's what the anti-anime fags labeling anime tranime actually believe. Where did they even get that idea from? When you watch an anime it's like any movie or game or whatever; if there's a good looking female character you want to rape her, if anything, not fucking be her.

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>pay for the delivery
Giving birth doesn't cost anything.

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Not OP but no there's really no answer in those threads. Those threads never make any sense at all. The very concept of "tipping" is utterly inexplicable and so is the fact people seem to think they have to tip. It all makes zero sense whatsoever.

>based on guilt
Why would it cause guilt? How? What's the psychological mechanism? Does it have something to do with a Christian mindset (Christians are very common in the USA)? Does it stem from their brainwashing of feeling obligated to donate money to churches to be "forgiven" by their jewish god and donating to niggerloving charities and refugee aid organizations and so on otherwise they'll burn in hell, because they're bad and evil if they're better off than poorfags and thirdworlders? And that you're supposed to give up your possessions and become poor because that makes you "closer to god" and shit? Is that where it comes from? So therefore "tipping", in other words paying more than you owe, feels good somehow? Can't make sense of it.

You've already paid for the thing, whether it's a meal at a restaurant or a simple pizza delivery, or whatever, so there's absolutely zero reason to feel guilty about anything.

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>current year

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Ahhh, the JlDF agent's and the baggies last refuge of cope and reason for why we shouldn't secure our funds: muh taxes
>he sells and buys on a KYC exchange

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>not already having at least 5 children

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What about it? It's bullish. Doesn't mean dumpage doesn't occur on the lower timeframes. Likewise when the monthly was going down, did the lower timeframes never go up? Was there no rallies during the bear market? Bull markets don't consist of only green candles; dumpage occurs. Just like bear markets don't consist of only red candles; pumpage occurs.

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