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The used the FTT to borrow stablecoins. Once FTT crashed in price their loans were undercollateralized with basically no hope of recovery. They now have massive debt to the entities they were borrowing stables from and that takes priority over users' exchange balances. No assets on FTX are safe for this reason.

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So prices were only ever so high because of inflation, and now that inflation is being reversed prices will go down, and since prices only went up because of inflation they'll only reach these highs again when we get back to more inflation.

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It's only good if you're not a scam pump chasing tard. You're missing good opportunities to use these knowledgeable megaminds to infer on the future of crypto but you're wasting it. You probably don't even know what comes next, do you? Probably not even holding the next good tech advancements even though it's been mentioned plenty. You didn't dyor and you didn't watch so you did not learn.

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I have one degree and am starting a new one at 26

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