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>has no excuse as to why their decades in the workforce hasn't yielded them anything.
From the moment Millenials were born, wages have been stagnant. And a lot of millenials that make six figures live in cities that eat their wages. 100k/year is nothing in California or New York. And good luck trying to find that wage in bumfuck Iowa. Ohio maybe, but cities in Ohio still have expensive housing. The cheap rural housing in Ohio would be over an hour from your job.

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Reminder that Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 so that the fed could print infinite money, create inflation, and keep wages the same while decreasing the value of the dollar so the Jews could make more money while turning their workers into slaves. This is why crypto exists in the first place, to combat this. Nevar forget your roots.

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productivity has constantly increased while wages have beyond stagnated relatively. we make 50% of what a worker in 1970 would have relative to productivity.

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I mean driving by once in awhile, not stalking but just to see if they have some nigger party going on. If so call them and be like
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Wages have stagnated and barely moved in decades. Productivity is way up and people are working longer hours and harder than ever before, and getting paid less for it

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