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Euro lads, are there any inverse Nasdaq ETFs on Degiro? I can only find S&P500 ones.

If not, I'll just buy those tomorrow to ride this shit to the bottom

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Little known fact but there were more gold bans in the 20th century than FDR's (in fact this page doesn't even exist on english wikipedia but read for yourself)


>At the height of the German inflation from 1914 to 1923 , the issued national government a number of laws and regulations, which is primarily a suppression of speculation with foreign currency and (forced) detection and recovery of precious metals and foreign exchange in the domestic as well as of assets abroad aimed. Under the government of Reich Chancellor Wilhelm Cuno ( non-party ) and under the impact of the catastrophic collapse of the currency, a number of ordinances were issued that restricted trading in gold and foreign exchange. Infringements were punished and the criminalized foreign means of payment could be confiscated.

If inflation gets to the point where people are massively fleeing the dollar, they will most likely try to ban the possession of precious metals, foreign currencies and crypto

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pink id confirms

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Is axion or hex2t or whatever it's called just another shitcoin or can it replace hex? My friend has been going on about it for days.

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>We'll be mass producing weapons soon.

what did he mean by this

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This, but go opt 40 for the Army and kick ass.
inb4 "dying for israel", even if you were who gives a fuck, you say you want to die anyway, die a fucking hammerheart. and if you make it out and your crypto is still safe you'll have a good pile of money waiting for you.

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this is cool anon, you did a cool thing.

Also probably the death of the ethereum network if it ever gets popular to suck up addresses for this coin lmfao.

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Where is the chink's hive mind for crypto?

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Should I transfer the wealth I accumulated into property and sit on it?

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How often should I be checking Blockfolio? I sometimes get so paranoid I watch it like every other minute.

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What coin exchange should I be using?

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Do people actually make big money off cryptocurrency? Or is this some dream that's chased for but never happens?

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There's a thing Amerifats do called churning where they stack CC incentives by taking out cards.

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