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Why? Its simple. Sergey and the team still have a shitload of LINK tokens.
This project has been mostly completed for a long time, its pretty obvious. The problem is that the price outran the project timeline. If staking were to release now, the price per LINK would skyrocket. What happens to the dev wallets then? Do they sell off literal trillions of dollars? They cant burn those tokens, because that risks getting them classified as a security. Its well known that much of the supply is set aside to be literally given away to institutions so they can run their own node and use the network at no cost. What happens when LINK is hundreds of dollars per token? Is Sergey going to just give these companies multimillion dollar stacks?

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This is the punishment for extramarital sex, your kid will bear most of it unfortunately.
Yes I think you should justify it because it doesn't seem very hard to get extremely rich very fast if you look at life holistically. Just having put in $100 a month for the last 5 years into BTC even would have made you enough money to retire if you wanted to

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Checked and based.

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It would be a real shame if someone memed black people into defunding the IRS for being racist before the bull run really starts...

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sorry chang, you are not free and your posts show only that you lack empathy and compassion

you are a literal stereotype

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This. Blockchain full vision is put into action. Truth sets us free. Chainlink connects and verifies them all. A true industrial revolution is upon us.

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your balls aren't big enough because your brain/stack isn't big enough.

it's all percentages, moranon.
risking 10% of your shitty $1000 net worth years ago to get you to where you are (or aren't) today is the exact same risk mathematically as risking 10% of my $1MM net worth on shitcoin moonshots.

if you do not understand this, you are an emotional trader and NGMI past the
>i could buy a lambo with muh btc so i'mma whale
stage and into the new financial elite.

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Buckle up. It is in a perfect retrace for a moment if you want in Anon. Last chance - this unironically will 2x in the next week and continue to climb.

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This next image is a Christian Diagram and this shows the 72 Names of God. 72 x 3 = 216.
Once again we see a connection throughout the ancient world related to these sacred numbers.
It may interest you to know that in each cycle in my rendering of Metatron’s Cube there are 60 numbers, so in total, for this entire rendering of Metatron’s Cube using the 60 digit cycle there are 60 x 13 = 780 numbers. (See Diagram 5) But each circle has 4 zero’s so subtract 4 x 13 which is 52 you get 780 – 52 = 728.
But remember the “5’s” intersect at 8 points (See Diagram 5). So we only count those numbers once. Now we have 728 – 8 = 720. And 720 is a base 10 harmonic of 72.
The more I study Metatron’s Cube using the 60 digit Fibonacci repeat cycle, the more convinced I am that the ancient’s were far more knowledgeable than we ever thought.
We don’t use 60 minutes and 360 degrees because it was a silly superstition or because it was convenient. No, we use these units because they point to a Perfect Universe created by a Supreme Intelligence.
There are still many secrets hidden in this design. Secrets that will unlock the gates to the Messianic Age.

I have done a great deal of research into the Fibonacci Sequence as well as the Golden Ratio and the Golden Angle.”

Physicists and Cosmologists calculate the age of the universe to be roughly 13.75 Billion years old.

I tie this number directly to the Golden Angle which is 137.5 degrees.

We are at a unique point in time where new things occur in nature. I believe we are living in a time of revelation.

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next few to post address and screenshot of validated node get 10

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next few to post address and screenshot of validated node get 10

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gib dna based admin

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120k running 5 identities AMA

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not validated.

not validated.

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next 10 posts with idena address and screenshot of synced client gets 10 dna

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Checked and new /biz sticky vote initiated. Respond with Y for posting this as a sticky.

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final awareness bump

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any other anons have a btc or 2 to help get us DNA/BTC over 3000sat resistance?
been setting 10k dna buy walls to accoomulate, but some little faggit keeps sniping all the market sells by setting smaller walls at 1 sat more so i'm ready to rageblast market buy over 3k sats if it prices the faggit out.

looks like we'll need 2-3 btc to eat up the books to 3k sat, i'd be willing to put up a btc or 2
pls respond

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It was China's job to contain it but they fucked around for a month pretending there was nothing wrong, arresting whistleblowers and censoring the media.

They will face consequences for this right?

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Reminder that the boomers running the government and the corporations are allowing several industries to shutdown, they are creating this economic shutdown which is going to cause a great depression.

All over a virus that ONLY affects them.

They are fucking sociopaths and this virus should kill more of them over what they are doing to civilization.

The are literally risking the collapse of civilization just so they can have a few extra years.

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Isn't the world going to much better off in a few years with all these dead boomers, smokers, and fatties?

It's almost like it was an intentional bio-weapon for the sake of helping the global healthcare system...

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>he sold before the downtrend was confirmed
Sell the news, right faggots? Fucking KEK, I hope you linklets swung your entire stack on that. See you at $10 in a week.

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