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>I'll tell him when we are married and will insist that I control our money
Anon, you have no idea how emasculating this is. Never have joint accounts, and most importantly never make it seem you're better than him at handling money. It'll just create resentment.

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Ayo nigga dis bandana on too tite

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girls just want a guy to show them a good time. if she thinks you won't make her regret taking you to bed, she will probably go to bed with you when the mood is right. that's the important thing though; it's essential that she is sure you won't shout it from the rooftops afterwards (if it was casual) or make the encounter awkward. women just want to feel beautiful, and they'll gravitate to the guys that make them feel that way, whether explicitly (eg. by telling them) or implicitly (eg. by being good looking and paying them attention).

t. legit xx female

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