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I'm going to ride the pump with you guys! Haha we're going to make so much money! I'm going to buy a house!

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good stuff fren

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there will be another bull run. the wheels on the clown ride will not fall off before we make it. the rift in the matrix is still open and there is still hope. we will make it.

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>missed out on chainlink because i was a poorfag
>missed out on quant because i was a poorfag (only made 3k from it)
>missed out on everything between 2020 and 2022 because i was a poorfag
>spent all that time building a business that is now making me 6 figures

i have 100k to throw into crypto now, where the fuck should i put it? i'm thinking ethereum for 2-3 years, if this shit goes back to its peak of 5k a pop, i'll have made a comfy 4-5x maybe more if i wait until it dumps further. what do the lads think?

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i didn't look at any pictures and i am going to exit this thread before i ruin my night, bye biz anons

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we survived the crash

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Oh yeah, baby.
ONE is breaking out at 15-16 sats now and the next resistance is at 25 sats.

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I hear you fren

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So, what do we do now?
Is one of the following still profitable?
>drop shipping
>affiliate marketing
>shrimp farming
>freight brokering

or is there a new hot thing?

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good luck fren

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God I love farting. Just the idea of releasing a smelly fecal fume gets me riled up. I love feeling the bloat of the gas from my anus get blown out and blubber through my asscheeks. I love farting

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That feel when you realize you're heavily invested in an actual, real, non-scam and without question, excellent project.

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im making so much fucking money trading digibyte on poloniex bros

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Get fucked TikTokers

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plz gib

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>bobo still expects things to make sense

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Thanks fren.

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Not at all. Read the document. Nearly all of America sounds like it is about to open. Bullish as fuck.

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>you seem like smart guys and seem to know what your doing so I trust you.

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I have a 2006 Honda Civic what does that make my net worth??

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trump bux!

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>XOP soars due to reverse split
So should I sell now or hold? I just made $1,655 off it and I'm terrified of losing my first big win.

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>tfw I intentionally removed the scale.

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