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Is it time to dump ETH. What do the tea leaves say??

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>negative 50,000

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>$35+tip/tx tyvm

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I'm down 40% currently on ALGO. You?

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s...sell signal?

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>transaction failed
h-hehe g-guess i'll catch the next 20x

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Hey guys.. is 59 xrp enough to m..mmake it??? What’s a good make it stak? I’m going to try and get to 500. Is XUMM a good wallet to trust and get flare on? How much is flare going to be worth?? What’s xrp price prediction by 2025?? Bros what’s going to happen???

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Even worse when they did divorced when I was a kid, but my dad's mental health wasn't stable at that time and he was abusing us so it might be for the better for me and my mom though.

I still visiting to my dad sometimes.

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I'm gonna be a good little goy and just accept it.

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I literally waited for the dip since 2 days ago, that dip never come to me

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I don’t hate them anymore, but they were bad and weak people that should not have had children. My father was an alcoholic pedophile and my mother violent and deeply deranged.
I know better than to ever say anything like that to the kinds of blue bloods I work with, because they can’t understand and would only think less of me for it. As far as they’re concerned my parents both died when I was in college. In reality I’m just no contact with them.

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>"never invest what you can't afford to lose"
>living in a shithole country where 1$ equal to my 35 country's currency
>then my poorfolio is only 800$ compared to most first worlders here
>Wants to go all in but I'm really scared

How do I even gonna make it if I can't even made it in the first place

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My ex-wife is getting married next week to a rich Jew.

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>I unironically need to be at my office in half an hour

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Is 500 xrp enough to make it schizbros? W..w..what’s a suicide stack ahah??? If I leave my xrp on cuckbase will I still get flare? Should I be buying everything available on cuckbase? How much xrp do y’all have hah?

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he-he...yeahhh...t-that guy...hehe---

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Is 500 XRP a m..mmake it stack?? What’s the minimum? What’s the realistIc non schizo prediction? 100 usd in 10 y..years? What about buffet saying crypto will end badly?? Is flare even worth it? Will you guys contribute to my make it stack. My wagekek bucks only go so far...

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Is 350 XRP enough to make it guys? I’m b..bbuying more as we speak. My wagekek bucks can only go so far...

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Normalfag insectoid brains only see things in black and white. For instance, you bring up the idea of taxes to a normie they will either lean toward "TAXATION IS THEFT!" (rare but more admirable position mostly just because it means they have more balls), or "MUH ROADS!".

Notice how both of these arguments are fucking retarded? Sure, to some extent as long as we have a government in place there will be a need for taxes, but at the same time why the fuck do we need to be taxed at nearly a third of our income for supposed services or benefits that most of us never see where the real majority of the wealth is poured into boomer social security or niggers with 7 children that are too stupid to get a job working more than part time at a gas station.

The second you bring up scary numbers to most people their eyes fog over and lose interest immediately. I hate mitwits more than literal retards. I would take an army of down syndrome autistic man children over midwit redditor trash any day of the week because at least they KNOW their place and don't try to pretend otherwise. I cringe everytime I hear normalfags having an argument as if it's something more than just verbally pissing in each other's mouths

Bugmen need to be eradicated from the face of this earth.

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There's no worse feeling
>tfw making good gains on my investment
>tfw only had $5k to invest
Sure I'm up 100% but $10k is nothing, and I'll be down 25% next week anyway. I feel like I'm stuck on the playground while all the bib boys are swinging their $100ks around. Not other anons because I know most of you are like me with 5 digit portfolios, but I mean the whales who can make and lose a million in a week

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h-hey! we're returning to normal bobo!

get liquidated!

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I really am intrigued by this shitcoin. But last time I listened to /biz/, I all inned on ONE and lost more than 70%. Pls tell me you're not bamboozling me again this time.

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