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next time frendo

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>bald guy +50 hoping he can fuck 18 year olds
literally me

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Did Montana just declare a Ban on new Fossil Fuel plants?

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>If you don't hold it
>you don't *own* it

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Happy birthday OP.
Enjoy the prime of your life and make the most of it.
At that age, those were my best days my best years, say between 25 - 35

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all i got is some beef hot dogs or smoked turkey cold cuts

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>i'm so glad I invested in memecoins now i am the worlds richest man

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I old

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not selling the top

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fuck, I had the album

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you're telling me

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Feels like yesterday I was 18. Today I'm 25. I've wanted to become rich ever since I was a little kid. I tried a bunch of memes like dropshipping, affiliate marketing over the years, all netting me $0 profit. I always quickly gave up on these things though. Today I'm 25 and I have a pathetic 100k to my name. And that's with getting a lucky $20k bitcoin win (i just happened to have bought some btc early). My gf is sweet but I need to take viagra in order to get erect for her. I'm in med school which sounds cool but it just means that I can start earning 50k/year post-tax while wageslaving 3 years from now (yay to the dutch tax system). I'm kinda social but never really fit in anywhere and I don't have any game really.

I wish i grinded harder and went harder at socializing when I was young.

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Guys please help, can people start posting trusted places to buy physical silver?

I saw a link for Provident but I was reading reviews and it sounds like they are inconsistent with shipping

Is there a better place to buy? Maybe include several links if this is going to be a General?


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Freedom probably.
I had 1 friend I grew up with and the only acquaintance Ive been able to attempt to friend pass away in their early 30s and it really spooked me. Two people just dead, one fast acting cancer another heart attack in his sleep. I went on a multi month trip blowing money trying to do things I always wanted to do, since I never really thought life could be cut short so randomly. Knocked up a girl I met, now have a nice happy healthy child. Also knocked up a girl on my travels who just wanted to have a child and nothing to do with me. As a NEET loner I do wish I could watch anime and shitpost all day but do find some pleasure here and there with my "family". My life goal tho is to promote cryptocurrency and possibly have a ton of kids around the world while I try to outrun death.

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>only bought 2 bitcoin in 2011
>only bought 1 eth in 2016
>only bought 500 link in 2018
>spent $15,000 on coins that lost 99% of their value
i really did want to make it

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>could have met my crypto goal of $500k if I just bought more link, 500 linklet
>instead need a 12x to get there
once i get there im traveling the world as a digital nomad impregnating the locals.

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>3 years to 5x
The only way to speed this up is if Sergey does a coin burn

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>$57 24 hour trading range
Its getting a little ridiculous

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I'm getting old over here.
Is there any sign the crabbing ends soon?

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Let me translate that article so you actually understand it.

>England doesn't not accept fair market price for what they think is their right to own.

Everybody knows those fucking thieving niggers have been planting moles on every Latin American country to suction their wealth from underneath, Mexico's gold reserve is being "guarded" in England's gold bank and to this day no one knows how exactly got there and how exactly is going to come back.

Fuck England I hope the whole fucking island full of rats burn

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Fug I feel so old

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Dude, just stop, as a matter of fact let's hope they don't buy, let's hope tomorrow the ticker goes down, I got a thousand bucks ready to throw in if it touches 1.10, I need another bag full, to double my wins

I think we shill the stock enough, those who don't buy today will be the fags asking Friday if it's too late to jump in and the answer will always be no

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I don't know why I have to explain this almost every new thread to the nu fags.

There is no acquisition, there was never an acquisition and for the foreseeable future there doesn't seem to be any acquisitions.

ktov already closed a collab with Bristol meyer Squibb

There is talks of basically collabs with every mayor pharma.

Just fucking buy and hold until you're no longer comfortable holding.
HOLD... no butter fucking hands on this one
You have no idea what is going to gain once the name Merck gets thrown in the mix, hold faggit

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I am sorry to kill your economy, your future and any prospect you ever had but...

My life is more important, just stay at home anon no one needs to work ever again

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