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you're supposed to LARP being retarded not actually be retarded

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>15$ (you are here)

cake bros im so happy that i will be millionaire

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the $3 of free GRT coinbase gave me is now worth $15

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I could barely wipe my disgusting NEET ass with 10k

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I basically burned a ton of money away with my AMC investment. I'm making a comfy profit from GRT, but it'll take a while to recoup my $2k+ losses from AMC. I have no motivation to wage-slave or go to college and get a "career." Can't standing living at home rent-free with my mom either because I hate everyone in my life including myself. It's over anons.

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>make it
>work part time in low effort retail
>meet qt college grl

excellent plan imo

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an anonymous racist person on the internet told me to invest in a food coin and I did, and made $40k

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>SKT is nearly the same short interest with a way higher float.
Holy fuck you're retarded. Let me break down the numbers for you monke.

>53.57% short
>90.14M float
>53.57% of 90.14m is 48.2 million to squeeze

>45.85% short
>16.11m float
>45.85% of 16.11m is only 7.38m to squeeze

Do you understand now?

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Anon, I..

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There's some truth to this. You need to lust for money instead of material possessions.

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People on the internet call me a lazy fuck for not wanting to work. My mom and her peers say the same thing. So does my family. Bro....I just buy cryptocurrency and I profit from it. Why do I HAVE to work? I just want to live and do what I want. Going outside and hiking and traveling is based and I don't have to worry about an income because my money is invested in something that will passively make me more than wageslaving ever would. Why would I go to college to go into debt to get a better job? I don't want to work. Rant is over I just wanted to vent.

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what % gains should I be realistically expecting/trying to get from a trade if done right?

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