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>Well the above point suggests that you should be involved in order to not let such proposals pass that dilute your current rewards further and not aid Bancies in anyway
This is indeed the problem anon.
The people are inept to rule.
The permanently locked liquidity and volume on this thing come the top of the bullrun is going to be so insane.
Then tax season will arrive.
Mr Shekelbergenstein will ask you for funding, he has reparations to pay out. And you will say, sorry Moshe, I am in debt $2MM to the Bancor Protocol based in Tel-Aviv, leveraged the family gold on it, best I can do is 50 shekels.
All the volume.
All the money.
All the loans.
All the offshore tax haven constructions.
Open your eyes, the future is blindingly bright.
(I love fat chicks)

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