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How are we doing CDXC chads?

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I don't want them here.

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Best alt coin to dump a few hundred dollars into and forget about for a year or two?

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Never underestimate the greed and stupidity of /biz/. A large number of people here have severe gambling issues. I can’t wait for the inevitable asshurt.

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POA is shaking weak hands right now.
300m supply
15m marketcap
Below ICO price


If you want instant pump and dump buy xdai. Those guys are on something.

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>mfw swinging from Eth to Link and Link back to Eth
this shit is too fucking easy. both are ridiculously predictable

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>mfw I found a massively undervalued low market cap with a partnership with a major coin, tech company, and country that is going to make me filthy fucking rich by the end of 2020

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Never buying your scamcoin dude. Get the fuck out.

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u just made it fren

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is this real life?

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Deal with it.

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>A man ate a bat in china 6 months ago
>Gas is now free

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Is it over? Recession averted?

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That's a decent price but it's a long wait. Hope everything goes smoothly with your order.

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> he doesnt realize that life isnt about his own happiness but others

try living for other people anon. killing yourself is beyond selfish

your posts here show that your selfish and just want attention. sorry that someone really hurt you

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spray her with lysol in the face everytime she does

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Good luck everybody.

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Bros......... we're going to get so fucking rich off this shit

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Actual corporate finance guy here, wait at least a month to a month and a half to buy one year ITM LEAPs on stable tech stock like MSFT. Premiums relative to even just a short term contracts won't be as high if you're looking at like 2021 Mar or Jun expiry.

It'll weather random dead bounces in the middle, rack up much better returns than stock, and you're almost guaranteed a boost from the presidential election which Trump or Biden are en route to win, both establishment candidates that are well liked by industry, which helps with the decay at that point.

Let's all make some money

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Is anyone seriously excited about this crash? You know how many people got insanely rich after 2008? This is finally our chance again bros.

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fake the information and certificates

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I’m allowed to post in this thread. Feels good man.

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those sweet trips validate my claim

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