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I turned bobo when the market topped, retard

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it's literally the year of the ox

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You had your fun. Now its our turn!

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Bull run: REJECTED

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I've never been so disappointed with a bull run in my life... I have 90% ETH in my portfolio and I'm literally sick to my stomach when i should be euphoric. For weeks and weeks i had to watch literally every alt coin pump and pump and pump while ETH is just slowly moves sideways and down with the occasional 10-15% pump... of course every time ETH starts to get some wind in its sail, some other crypto starts going parabolic or BTC decides coincidentally to dump and completely kills whatever momentum Ethereum had... EVERYONE was literally shilling ETH, saying it would go to 2k, 3k, 5k, 10k... and why not right? 2nd most popular coin, just broke all time high and entered price discovery... this thing SHOULD have pumped like the other alt coins... of course, anyone holding ETH got FUCKED royally.... now its the worst performing asset on coinbase... I cant defend Ethereum anymore. This thing looks like it really is done for.... I just need an exit plan, some alts to jump in and hopefully try and salvage whatever is left of the bull market.

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