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>Tesla knew what I'm saying
and he was a LOT more wise than you

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>Earth People, I was born on Jupiter
>I'm psychedelic this time, come in rainbow

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I believe the key to our universe is in sacred geometries, as designed by some sort of intelligent infinity.

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please.. go on sir

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Give us a price prediction eoy! Other trippers reported 370,379

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>Tie me to mass so I can exist in times construct
Time = Ti [x] me

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>my whole thesis is that we are, in a way, hypnotized by light (by what we see with our eyes)
>what it really means is that we are bounded by light
>light forms the shackles that keeps us bounded to and at the mercy of time
>a prism instead of a prison
>a prism of the mind
this is because light is the same speed for all observers (and this has been confirmed experimentally many times over)

>Hes a CIA nigger to cause confusion and make people disinterested in chainlink
if that was actually the case, I would have been fired a long time ago

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>Read, read, read, read, read. Those who read own the world; those who immerse themselves in the Internet or watch too much television lose it.
it's true
just like in Huxley's Brave New World
the only one with Shakespeare and high art were the controllers of the society
the alphas, betas, deltas, gammas, etc. were there to work and consume and nothing more

I can attest that a lot of my linguistic skill and efficacy in communicating, salesmanship, and female seduction can be attributed to my lifetime of reading

I've really noticed the quality of writing severely degrade year on year to the point that people cannot hold longform arguments and ideas. Everything needs to be condensed to a soundbite. By consuming so much social media feeds and newsfeeds online, the thinking has fractured and people's thoughts aren't as coherent and structured as before when reading was more common.

When you read, you visualize with your minds eye in ways that visual media can't engage. Just like a dream, your vision is from your mind while you read and not from any actual visual stimuli. As people lose this ability, their thinking degrades.

I suspect this is intentionally being done so as to dampen and suppress dissidents.

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Chainlink is legally compliant, the market is not in their control if it is by nature a decentralized, free, open market

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The book of revelation is based around the theory that the universe repeats itself due to a singularity event of human consciousness after a 1000 year reign of the Christ. Not only do we become God, but we have already become God.

First horse is block technology and the revelation that science studies confirm sin in that the opposite which results in an expansion of consciousness, memory association, intelligence and decsion making (i.e closer to God). As BDNF is released the brain hemispheres become connected and you're able to perceive others peoples thoughts and emotions better. The meek possess crypto and precious metals as they tether.

Second horse is the ego-death. Complete loss of subjective self-identity and loss of free will. That there is no consciousness after death, heaven or hell and that what you do or say doesn't really matter and how all the religious nut jobs will behave as they come to terms with this. Cognitive dissonance and the true test of character and faith. The meek will be able to handle it

Third horse or seal is simply based around our sustainability on Earth. Black horse representative of the solar panels that will cover earth and a plant based diet. "A measure of wheat for a denarius, and three measures of barley for a denarius" Perhaps we'll be paid in food. This will be needed to balance our exist on Earth as represented by the scales in the hand of the rider. The meek be those that can adjust.

Fourth is clean up and burial.

The fifth seals are those of us that have already figured this shit out, connected their hemispheres, experienced ego-death i.e "souls slain by the word of God." Are already walking around right now perceiving everyone thoughts. I've experiemented this with a friend who is an ambedextrious musician. I'm left handed, but right hand dominant, like to box and exercise alot.

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>Yea we all know nikola tesla was killed and all his shit is true, Doesn't give you the right to insert your filthy kike prophet into the equation of the universe

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I forget where this was found and what it says
any idea?

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>Magic itself is banned by God

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So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

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