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I seriously consider moving my ass to abou7 AH. This shit glows. I want to get rich not to be brainwashed by political machines. I have to digest all the shit just to get to the good stuff.

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>Did you guys buy alts?

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so are NFTs right now but nooo no one cares to fucking notice what's currently cooking on the eesee mainnet and how shitskins are making literal thousands in just a few hours reselling and rafflinf stolen collections like tf

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This board is shit anyways, this won't stop the retarded scam projects and beggars honestly. This board has always been shit, and I mostly come here for the memes bad shit while i wait for my bags to go up. Listening to biz will literally only lose you money faggot, literally run a paper trading using biz recommendations and watch your portfolio go down the shitter, this place is only for poorfags and pajeets looking to make a quick buck.
See ya stupid fucks won't miss this place, and fuck you nannies for shitting up this board and putting down retarded IP bans.

This policy is probably being tested here and will spread to the other boards if they see that it's popular, I suggest you tags boycott if you don't want this website to turn to more shit than it already is.

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Notice as the bullrun increases how the posts and YouTube videos are coming back urging people about "bank crises" and "inflation" and "bank runs" with crypto and gold being a "safe haven" as if we all didn't just get rugged by crypto for 4 years waiting for it to go back up from 0.
The dollar and fiat in general went from being the strongest thing you can hold to a shitcoin all in the span of a month just because crypto and PM baggies want to convince the normies to never cash out like last time.

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ewww its a reddit coin no thanks

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I am 26 years old. A 26 year old man. I have had my fair share of pussy, and by that I mean I've had it once or twice in my life. It baffles me that some men would rather spend money on an escort, than a PS5. Okay let's compare this financially. You go to an escort-you get to cum once, maybe twice. That's it. If you're lucky, she licks your balls, maybe rims you. Cool. You buy a PS5. You play that motherfucker for years. So in one instance, you're burning cash in an instant, all for like 2 seconds of pleasure. Or you get years of pleasure, and videogames expand your creativity and your mind by the way. It's just crazy. I underhand now why femcels call men "moids", like you should not be paying for escorts unless you have a PS5 with the latest games. Better yet, be frugal and don't spend anything but if you've made like 8 figs-buy a PS5 before you spend it on women. Anyways that's my advice.

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Nothing to do with eat the rich, you haven't seen what I've seen and you'd get second hand embarrassment of you saw them. I deal with rich people every day, but these cunts are the only ones that strike me as totally incompetent and completely removed from anything that resembles a normal mindset.
So for the third time, I'll say I have nothing against rich people, I work for them every day, and rich people are the most generous people I've met.
I'm specifically talking about the offspring of this one super rich family. Can you confirm that you understand? I hate when anons keep replying after just skimming and glancing a post. Not a good look since that stuff was already explained, try to pay more attention next time.

I'll even say it one more time: I specifically talking about this one specific family and at no point did I say this was something that affects all wealthy people.

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I sold some puts that are dangerously close to being ITM and I'd rather they not get exercised.

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Just when I thought this place couldn't get any worse, the whole board gets flooded with some literal worthless make believe garbage. Congrats on this seriously, mods.

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yes, i'm sure you did
no need for proofs though, your capslock rambling is all the proof required

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>You taking something means stealing the possibility to take it from everyone else.
Theft requires a victim. The idea that everyone owns "the possibility to take" everything equally completely discards the notion of labor, a requirement for resource extraction and utilization. It also fundamentally undermines the concept of ownership itself, as ownership, by definition, is the notion that not everyone can lay equal claim to everything. If you do not believe in ownership, you cannot believe in theft, and I cannot possibly steal from you, because my claim to any object is at least as valid as your own.

Even Marx recognized the value of labor, nigger.

>In a world of true equality between genders, there's no way you can feel that your gender is wrong or what you feel is wrong for your body type, because both males and females can do and experience the same things.

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> not 8 figures yet

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>he thinks if a market cap reaches zero the company is bankrupt

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what a shit analysis. You'd be lucky to 2x on BTC if you bought right now. With GME the potential is virtually limitless. You're a retard. Big facts.

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>missed the snipe

Duge is going to be the Doge of Solana isn’t it?

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>unironically bragging about 140k in 2024

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Remember the blockchain stock market theory?

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why are there so many passive aggressive bitches on biz?
like seriously if you 'made it' why do you feel to humble brag and shit on others who didnt
seems to me youre all losers
what rich guy with a good life would behave like this?

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there exists actual people who are incapable of seeing into the future

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2% tax goes directly to dev's wallet, liquidity locked only for 3 months. Stay away.

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>can't into remote viewing

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