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what did he mean by this

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>business toilet paper ot e-tulips for snoys
What did he mean by this?

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holy fuck what WHAT WHAT

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kill yourself pajeet you will never fuck a white woman

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>I e-knew a guy
e-excuse me?

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I’m glad I have a eagle job and just saved up until 5-digit hell. It makes going $10k in on 3-4 coins way easier and actually rewarding for the stress
Literally what is the point losing sleep at night for double-digit gains

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I don't understand what the fuck this thing is. What is their goal with this? What does it do? What the fuck is going on here??

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>ages 22-59

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I'm invested in the same coin as that guy... maybe I made a big mistake

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Even if I bought btc now I'd only x3-x4 and that's assuming the stock to flow chart is correct
Only got 2000 dollars

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>accept ether for payments

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Please don’t price me out fellas. Can someone sell me 1k link for 3eth?

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I have 70 less link than I thought I had!!!! That’s almost $1.2k!! Wtf!

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Alright, I need the XRP shills to go back to Plebbit. I’ll buy 5k xrp and sell in January ‘21. Just promise you’ll go back to the shithole you crawled out of.

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Uhhh guys, you should reach the reCAPTCHA privacy-terms. They’ve been collecting data on us, every post we make everything we do, how many Linkies we own, how many people we larp as. Long story short, we are fucked beyond imagination.

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>that id

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Update, I am retarded. Turns out I had my assets in my main account and not my trading account. I thought it was the other way around.

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>only 200 to my name that I plan to dump into RSV
>600 of it ponzi'd into Robinhood

im never gonna make it i feel like but i have the confidence in split second trading
sometimes it feels like im fighting a pointless battle, even if i just recently got into trading.

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He means putting everything you'd otherwise have to spend on a credit card... Is it really that hard to understand? Nobody said just buy frivolous shit.

Groceries, bills, petrol, etc.

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>delusional WSBcucks talking about "big green dildos" and "tendies" like the idiot sheep they are

gonna be red as fuck

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time to turn off the telly

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