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>Brown 3d at that

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How many people do you think FOMO'd yesterday and bought high and are now freaking out seeing a 20% dip?

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Gee I sure hope this isnt some kind of a sign

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>too poor to have a wife

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Bros what the fuck do I do? If it drops low at opening tomorrow I might just throw 3k at this. That'll be 5k in total if the 10k in my savings.

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Off topic but I’m curious to know for sure: are you guys gonna take or refuse a vaccine if it comes out before 2021/2022?

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Can someone explain how SQQQ was worth 20k at one point? I know it has something to do with a reverse spilt so you have less shares afterwards but would you still make a good profit?

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That is fucking sick. I hope they get branded with a hot iron and sent to poor ass country to live out the rest of their lives.

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Just checked... I'm sad

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This is so not going to end well

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