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When a smart contract needs specific data, it sends a request to the Chainlink Oracle network. The request specifies the data it requires and any additional conditions or parameters. Now, here's where it gets interesting.

The Chainlink Oracle network acts as an aggregator of data from multiple sources. It collects data from various data providers, such as premium data providers, APIs, and even traditional web sources. This approach ensures that there's no single point of failure or single source of truth, making the system more robust and resistant to manipulation

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There are secret clubs but there are always hints being dropped everywhere for certain karma reasons. Like for instance, buy fetch.ai as it will be going parabolic soon - hint, this is an example of info being displayed for all to see. The choice is yours now.

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It’s called FREEDOM!

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BECAUSE the modus operanti is always the same. No LiT thread for hours and then SUDDENLY 10 Lit threads are shitting up the board. ITS THE CLEAREST Pump and dump in crypto right now. When mumbai sleeps, the threads stop

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Did you listen Anon? Nobody responds to Enjin threads it seems

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It's ok OP I'm so comfy with LINK that I don't even bother reading any articles or breadcrumbs. I just look at images mostly.

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