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I’ll send 0.5 eth to whoever comes with a good plan ITT (can be multiple anons):

>you made it (say 2.5mm) with crypto
>you have 0 social capital/connection
>you want to become famous (and acquire clout)
Best way to use that capital, go

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Long story short, I am hugely underwater in a coin that is appearing to be a scam now.

I will make a $13,000 swap into whatever project gets dubs (must be on ETH) as I have ERC20 shit coins

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I don't need to imagine anything you coping loser. I own my own home. Wait, you are here and not a millionaire yet? Lmao.

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take LSD and you'll find the answers

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Man I bought $60,000+ of this because my magic 8 ball told me to.

>is being thoroughly audited by same company to audit Cisco, Elrond, and some Ukrainian Bank
>has lot’s of partnerships
>Will use LINK oracles
>has a good pajeet dev from Matic

>everything else
>missed December deadline for audit completion
>failed audit 1 due to garbage code
>website looks atrocious / unfinished
>no timelines at all
>founders keep saying “soon” whenever asked anything

Now, my Magic 8 ball also told me that 1 bond would be $1 before the end of 2021, so I will continue holding.

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I have 2.5 million bonds. Will I make it frens?

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The real hidden gem is bonded.finance...

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I bought too much of this. Is this possible?

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Maybe. This might be a move. I might just buy ETH and loan it out? or should I buy LINK and loan it out?

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Can someone explain LCX to me, like I am 5? What is this thing?

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When’s the “next bullrun” is this one over?

Should I try to time the “top” and move to fiat soon? I’m using google trends as my primary indicator.

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Based. You caused a pump lmao.

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come on in, get cozy, and talk it out.

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Only newbs and grily men sell and not buy at the dip. The price is always gonna go up

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Anyone else having delayed orderes from jmbullion? Finally ordered enough to have 100oz and they aren't shipping since jan 30 rreeeeeeeeeeeee

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anyone else taking profits? i feel like i'm the only one selling right now (slowly). i still believe in BTC and ETH but i feel i'll be able to buy back cheaper later. i still have my original bitcoin (named clara) that I purchased for 336 dollars, that one I'm keeping until it either goes to zero or a million.

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I'm so depressed. I don't know if everything is going to crash or moon.

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I have a market concern lads and want to run it by you.
>last night I heard from a healthcare worker friend that has been vaccinated (pfiser, both shots, second one over two weeks ago) that she is covid positive now. I realize the vaccines aren't 100% effective, but that's concerning
>now learning about all these new strains and I've been reading about "booster" vaccines
I'm starting to think the light at the end of the tunnel is going dark, and I don't think the markets have realized it yet. Am I just being over-anxious because of my friends (maybe fluke) experience? What do you think is happening with covid?

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Pretty comfy today. Bought more HUSIF and some REE producers

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I'll be stacking up on $PHYS and jr gold miners this week anons. For those who were positions previously in silver or positioned themselves last week.

However if you dont have any silver positions currently, buy those first

Gold will follow silver's moves.

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Oke thanks fren will try to make a play next month.

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