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thank you money skelly

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>too mentally retarded to have sex, get a job, or be good at anything that will get me somewhere in life
>not retarded enough to get a pension of some kind for mental deficiency
i literally have uncontrollable fits/outbursts daily and PTSD from an abusive father that puts me on a downwards spiral for months from something as small as a bad day where he enters my mind.
besides, i sit on a fence. do i just coast along at life, study til i get good at something and try to find a job where i dont have to deal with people, or do i slam this autistic energy into the world to force what i need from it, could very easily turn into a trainwreck and i would have to abandon all self awareness / have a lot of people hate me (for my presence alone seems to just piss people off, thats why i avoid them), but maybe theres a chance i can get what i need from this earth. i dont know man, im sitting on a hell of a fence. safety or chance of everything i want. anons?
im sure you can tell i am pretty fucking retarded. i can spell great but i cant even put sentences together i dont care like this post for it is bad
and before anyone asks i am a white australian, for not a pajeet. i just have the big retard. i couldnt speak until i was 7, fuck me man
sick of ittt

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