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it's almost like the whole game was rigged from the start

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Yeah dude, memes are just memes, they can't do anything.

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Hello crypto newbie. Did Doge burn you? Please do not try to buy the dips and get rekt all the way back down to 2 cents (which is still massive gains for anyone who held doge before yesterday).

Instead, take that juicy Robinhood account and buy some Ethereum. Eth has widespread adoption and support and represents many of the best minds working in crypto. It will not pump like Doge, but there is an reasonable chance that it is about to surge above it's all time highs for some immediate gains, and longer term there is a possibility that it could overtake bitcoin in market cap as decentralized finance reaches adoption.

If you'd rather look at your account once a week and see that it's gone up rather than staring at neon purple lines all day wondering why the Internet lied to you about $1 Doge, please consider throwing your newbie bags in Eth.

Or bitcoin, that's fine too if you're a normie.

P.S. get some xmr as soon as you can <3

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