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>It's real

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I see I mean yea I’m assuming most of those people are young. But if the ideal of making it is planted in them and they really want it .. they may have a better shot. It all comes down to how bad do you wan it anons? Have you had enough of your reality? O you haven’t ok back to the wage cage or what ever miserable place your in.

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Got a high paying dev job by faking my grades and will start working next year.
However I am still in Uni doing my CS major and have at least 3 years left.
Should I just drop out?
The subjects are interesting but I really just want to start earning money on a wagie job and bang some roasties until I start on my new job.
For fucks sake I missed out on the bull run '17 and didn't invest anything due to studies so Im kind of annoyed

What would you do? Stay in school or above?

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AAAAAA 56 minutes until I have to wagecuck

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