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>Not being a virgin until ready to breed.
>Spreading STDs.
Kill yourself, degenerate.

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Tried applying for a bank online, said Chexsystems said my identity can't be verified with info given.

Tried to get a social security report, they said my identity can't be verified.

Has the Fed pulled my file or did some beaner steal my social?

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Buy her from her father in a 3rd world religious rural area.

Only breed if you have superior genes, degenerate. Don't let kids suffer with your shit genetics.

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Exactly, so you don't love her. You want a breeder.

I hope you have good genes & health if you're gonna reproduce.

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She has a man's face. Fucking degenerates

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Apart from ethno-nationalism enabling social cohesion amongst the populace, that they were together in this, how did Hitler seem to get Socialism right? I've not read too much into the history of it yet, but it seems like what he did was nothing short of miraculous post ww1. Any educated opinions on the matter, please explain.

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