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I choose to help absolutely nobody but myself.

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I've got this one.

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>if you hold an xsg related token, you're bound to be on a global blacklist (reason: Financial Terrorist
based. pak8w

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ok dont buy it

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The day of reckoning is here. We're crashing this market, with no survivors

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selling everything

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I've slowly come to your way of thinking. Goyim literally means 'beast of the field' or 'cattle', and I really can't fault them for using that term here. You can't tell me that there isn't some section of the power structure used to hope against hope that all the shit they pull would eventually awaken the human spirit in some of these people, and it just got angrier and sadder as the years went on and they just accepted anything they did.

Most people are dumb, impatient, and poor. And they deserve to be. The Boomers had the fortune to live in a time and place of unparalleled wealth, but they are dumb, impatient, and greedy. Which means that TPTB will simply steal what should have been their generational wealth out from under them and return their family to the serf-plot it rightfully should have been working in 1950.

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>silver rally crashes stock market
>crash triggers more money printing and government spending
>dollar and bonds crash
>silver goes up even more
>reddit gets the blame (even though they're missing out on silver and their tesla stonks plunge)
>wall street also gets the blame
>more regulations and taxes
>american economy goes to shit even worse
>civil war + war with china
>we’re living comfy lives in Croatia
Keep stacking guys

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heh...sure thing

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HAHAHA no I'm 6'1
But I will say that I have serious reservations about gold moonshotting +50%. That usually comes after a major crisis

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Thinking meme lines will make it go up. Top kek.

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You speak truth, friend. You are the reincarnate of Victor Pride.

onlyfans content creators and subs should be purged, along with the pornographers and tranny doctors.

>burger flippers dont have a personality.
franchises should be burnt to the ground, corporate expunged.

>>If you have a shit income, it is because YOU ARE LAZY. period
yes. OP is right., use your intellect to find a lateral solution.

Logical too. Do you have a site or something?

told a salty ex-colleague. work smarter, not harder. she continued to work "hard" and tell everybody, every day, for the rest of the year. no one cared and she left the company the year after.

there's a whole other blog post about unionism. again, correct. see my reply to the next number.

unions were good, a hundred years ago when we were entering the industrialisation era. 8/8/8 was their greatest achievement and will never again be repeated. it is not in their business interests to help their constituents for whom no competition exists for their union membership fee.

>so lacking in self-awareness he can't realise what he would achieve if he went full-stim balls to the wall instead of drug fucked moron.

>incredible salt mine just keeps giving

how did the cultural subversion produce such a piss-weak, defeatist generation of fuckwads?

Nikola Tesla didn't want money for his inventions. He wanted the world to use them.

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Hey bud listen. I got a tip for you. There is an unfilled gap at 3k. Its going to get filled.

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All pepe is real pepe you mock the God of memes by attempting to define him you insect

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Zcash with its Ethereum connections

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2020 comes along,
>that ancient shit, we're onto XXXXX
>trades at $.25 cents being ignored, no end market use, upgrade team is gutted, owners are silent
tfw, it was a bubble on a bubble, and you didn't get out

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Get ready for the collapse boys! We are going to be rich!

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Here's another just for you Anon

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Fucking rofl. There was a time that I knew these posts were bullshit, but now it seems that 1/100 is actually not a larp. Well done.

> crash this fucker with now survivors. Its time.

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you faggots will be the laughing stock when it moons. cant wait

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