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Not likely to happen for these reasons:

1. Bitcoin dropped like that because we went into a bear market after Dec 2017 for a year until Q2 of 2019 generally speaking. We're in a bull market even in terms of DeFi. We're more likely to grow rather than shrink.

2. £20k took 3 years to build up after several previous peaks as more capital flows in. Taking the time from Chainlink's peak in 2019 at $4.5 to $20 in august is a year. If we're correlating BTC to LINK like you have already, my chart is more accurate, both in time frame and market cap.
>pic related.
Granted this isn't a scientific chart but the log scale for LINK has its time adjusted to be more accurate.

3. We've already peaked this second wave of the kung-flu and not dropped to "its all over" numbers like in March. People are looking for growth, only external factors can bring the price down like it did again.

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