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light in an oil bath
with a magnet brought nearby to show the lights deflection
gives a tactile and immediate sense of how light propagates and how it works and if you really stretch your mind, you'll be able to appreciate how light correlates with time

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>Sorry i am on the verge of starting my business and leaving my wage cuck
good luck
as a business owner myself, they don't tell you the truth about business
when it's money on the line, people are willing to threaten and even murder (blackmail is also another tool to use against competition)
not to say that this will be the case for you, but I am saying that it is not outside the realm of possibility (don't ask me how I know)
>you won't learn this in school

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there's another good read that someone recommended about that same topic

haven't seen your video, but I will check it out later today, thank you

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>I pay my fucking taxes, can i get in???
lol you think God cares about paying your fucking taxes?
the price rquired to pay is much higher than anything a (((government))) can levy

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sorry I hijacked your thread bro, I'm reading and absorbing the info you're providing here
but I fundamentally have to disagree with something

read this QRD on why Chainlink will become extremely valuable in the future:

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>Saturn... or cronus... the God of fucking time. Wew lad.
and it occults the moon last night as I take a smoke break on my balcony while doing my 3-6-9 Nikola Tesla research
I think someone is trying to tell me something hahahahahahaha

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An old friend

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God exists, when that is going to be revealed or when most people will understand is another question
They used to call “aliens” angels, now I guess the modern mind needs a more “scientific” explanation
This has been happening for a very long time, much longer than most people are willing to admit
Fundamentally I think humans are the aliens here and another thing, I suspect what we’re seeing now are humans from the future helping to shepherd us along.
Once we figure out time travel we’ve automatically ensured the existence of humanity for all “eternity” since you can make enclosed time loops that ensure consistent outcomes which you can then branch off of for experimentation on sub loops or branches of time. If it fucks up, you can always reset back to that main loop or branch of time.

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How much does your house cost again?
You do understand the concept of buying and selling right?
>hint: it takes two to tango

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>Hi 42anon, why does enlightenment begin from psychosis?
it's an age old story
it used to be called "enlightenment"
now they call it "rapid personality change"
as Jung said, the difference between psychosis and enlightenment is that enlightenment has a positive outcome

>how should one navigate through it?
that's the tricky part
there is no universal answer
but the best guidelines can be found in the ancient myths and religion
fundamentally Jesus was my guide
others who had different upbringings will navigate their own way
funny enough though, all enlightened people end up at the same place even though they often started from entirely different directions

one warning:
don't go down this rabbit hole unless you are fully prepared to see it all the way through
also be prepared to face your own mortality and risk your sanity and even death
it's worth the price at the end and it isn't as spooky as people say (at least from my vantage point of having survived it)
however when you're in the middle of it's grips you will feel like it's the end of the world and the sky is falling lol
don't be alarmed, it's a normal reaction
>pic related

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Theme song for taking the “42-pill”:

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>Employee => self-employed => own a corporation => investor
chekkked for truth
currently working on the 3rd and 4th steps (sort of at the same time)

>you trade your precious lifeforce for non-exponential cashflow.

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>dweller on the threshold
pic related

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>if you think this is weird you should see my life
pic related
filename related

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