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goodnight pnk pals we're all gmi, rly sleepy
idk, i never leave my house now, especially with covid going around and the lockdowns. ive been gendered female a number of times though if thats what you're wondering
god no, that coins chart looks just like XRPs lol
idk, why not?
gmi for sure
60k is good, I was thinking about getting another 10k, but im not sure if i can afford it. hoping surf/aegis does well, if so i will get to 60k too. you're gmi!
very adorable puppy!

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welcome new pnk fren. was the sta dashboard delayed?
as for pnk news. the devs like to keep us in the dark but they are always busy since they're real nerds(I mean that in a really good way!)
this was posted yesterday however https://twitter.com/Kleros_io/status/1316072020514205697
and I think something might be happening on the 12th of November, not sure. The others will give you a better answer than me though I'm sure

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