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>arbitrum is imminent
citation needed

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why does anyone voluntarily live in america? is there a single reason?
>the women are ugly
>housing market is absurdly overpriced
>food quality is atrocious compared to other first world countries
>the demographics are terrible and getting worse by the day
>there are no go cities for white people
>the taxes are insane
>healthcare is third world tier
>welfare is awful - good chance of ending up homeless if you lose work
>work hours are too long and stressful
>you need to tip everyone and prices are shown without tax
>the prison system is so bad that it is the subject of endless documentarys
>it's the location of most terrible events like mass shootings
>divorce court is absolutely godawful there (you WILL lose everything)
>it has the absolute worst culture in the world to find a wife in - most women have tats, drink booze, smoke, are obese, are feminist, are into identity politics and are atheist in 2021
did i cover everything or did i miss something out? why the fuck are you living there still?

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>tfw ghosted all my school and college friends and haven't made new ones in years
Bros... what's the point in making money if you're alone in the end?

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My nigga got jokes

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>CUK in id

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Many people on this board will be waking up early tomorrow to head to their wage cage, where they will trade hours of the only life they will ever live for hebrew sheckels

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>just marry someone you actually like and get along with, it's not that hard.

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>getting dumped on by Jews & poos

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>that loves you

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>185k real life people liked this tweet

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LMAO I laughed so hard
Ditto gonna be gold compared to USDshit

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What a lame fucking dump

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>didn't even do a 10x in 10 years

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>Be me
>Visit quantum computing institute
>They tell me they'll have a 100 quibit computer by the end of the year
>It's been 8 years since then and we're only at 50
You need a 4000 qubit computer to break cryptocurrencies. Fud harder

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>they believed the Chinese bat story
I'll let you in on a secret anon. None of your countries' leaders/experts/whatever give a shit about you or whatever you identify with. The American and Euro (mostly German) doctors here were just chasing funding and in doing so breached a lot of protocols, and the Chinese ones just went along with whatever they said to do because they were also getting a cut, but they ultimately wanted all non-Chinese out of the lab for good.
The bat story is a red herring(like most things your news media tells you), something was dumped into the water supply (in every country not just China) that made people a little more sick than usual, a bunch of people were paid to stand around hospitals crying, and most of the "street" videos you see of people dying in China are filmed in a studio in LA.

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>he bought?
>rob hem

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I staked when it was at 0.1 for an hour. When it dropped to 0.8 I sold at a loss

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>the current best ETH competitor is an ETH clone

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>yes but it has the potential to return
Flouride is a hell of a drug

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