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ok doomer

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>countries that will not see its white majority disappear in the next 50 years
there's no such thing, liar.

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>t. no coiner
every time

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>kidzbop meth

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>Crypto is uncensorable, unstoppable by any government.
>Governments crack down on crypto using the same old techniques they've used for decades
>NOOOOOOO you can't just crack down on crypto the exact way everyone said you would

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Embarrassing. Imagine falling for these scams.

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We got another one, boys. Why is it so easy to bait newfags into financial ruin?

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nigger faggot monkey

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Is it really worth it to dive into crypto real estate? I get the benefits from not having expensive agencies meddle but it’s an unexplored territory, more probable than not it’s a ponzi or youd get fucked like whoever was holding their bags on LUNA lol

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>stumble upon a Diablo 2 video on youtube
>hadn't played D2 since 2014
>suddenly get the 'urge'
>keep thinking about getting back on the game for the rest of the week
>try to drive off the idea because I know how I get when I play this game
>can't help it and download the game
>"I'll just play for a couple of days and I'll give it up, h-heh"
>fast-forward 3 weeks later to today
>been playing 10 hours of D2 every fucking day
>my sorc is lvl 92 with CoH and CtA
>my pala is only missing ber to make an enigma
>this fucking game is worse than meth
>please send help

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Bancor is the epitome of economic illiteracy in the crypto space. Everyone got into crypto because muh gubmint inflation money printing, then put their protocols which essentially do the same thing.

Oh you suffer IL from having liquidity pools instead of order books? Here, we will just give you the money back by printing bancor tokens. Just trust us bro, we also burn them or something so its fine.

Except its not, it relies on a constant stream of people buying bancor to keep the price propped up and to stop it going into a price death spiral like so many other protocols.

The only difference is the bancor devs have now PAUSED THE ONLY FEATURE THEY HAVE AND THAT MAKES THEM UNIQUE KEK before the token goes to $0.0001.

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I was walking outside and she told me she apparently needed to get her grandkids - but she had no money for the ride.

She "forgot her purse in the lockerroom".
But she called a cab and she needed $50 for it.

I offered her an uber to the place for a fourth of the price, but she declined, saying she "didnt know the exact address" but she could point out to the cab the general direction.

But - she was on the phone with one of the "grandkids" earlier so I told her to ask for the address. To that she replied "But I have 2 grandkidss they need help"

I walked away after she declined me just giving her a ride there.

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>stores your value

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Im so tired now anons got into this walk to earn app thinking it would be a great idea to raise my savings, heh good Idea my ass basically now im stuck with 1-2$ daily from an app wich i dont even know if its lasting until the end of the bear.

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But Anon, he has a "user account"

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Remember when the word was that 1st of January 2022 will find ROSE at 1$?
What about 12$ May 2022?
Remember all those bans on the tg group for FUD when one said '1$' is unrealistic?
Literally everyone on that Tg group, still invested in rose, is bleeding rn. I am laughing at BROSE. Join me here and laugh at them.
Also, how can we profit from the retardation that is ROSE?

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GMT is basically a stablecoin at this point in time lmao.

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>newfags spend 90k on a suicide stack

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>he didn't short wave all the way down to single digits
My fucking sides. Imagine missing the opportunity to make free money.

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