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>be me, office wagecuck
>3 years of employment, only ever asked for coffee after every employee review "to keep me happy"
>weak office keks
>skip to coming back from 1 week vacation
>new kitchen rules
>kitchen is now communist after some plebs left food dishes & random shit everywhere
>clean up after everybodies shit in shifts with a buddy every week or no kitchen
>no kitchen, no coffee
>tfw never used the kitchen for anything other than coffee with the same mug everyday for 3 years & coworkers still leave shit everywhere
>tfw after 1 week back from vacation go on autistic wagerage about Karl Marx & quit after yelling "I just wanted fucking coffee Jim"

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Its Monday again wagies! Rise and shine.
Time to fuck this week in the ass
Welcome: Wagies, Job-Hunters, College Seniors
Not welcome: NEETs

Topic of the week: How to achieve results while doing as little as possible.

Useful links:

>How to tell you boss is a micromanaging asshole

>How to make a resume (for developers)

>How to ask the right questions during an interview

>How to transition into full time freelance

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>have a more positive at work, anon
>we provided pizza for lunch today but you still are your packed lunch in your car
>why aren't you having more fun here, anon?
>we need you to improve your attitude asap

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>join fun startup in 2017, get salary boost, doing something cool at last
>company does really well
>18 months later
>now an incredibly tense snakepit with lots of ex-bankers passive-aggressively jockeying for position
>everything you do or say is now taken politically, can't just do my job and have fun

Fuck corporate politics

I'm not good at it, how do you handle it /biz/?

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why is being a wagecuck the only solution to depression?

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Have them ready by the end of the day.

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>Live at home with parents
>Decide that 27 is too old to be living at home and that's why I'm not happy
>Move out
>It's been five years now
>I'm more miserable than I ever have been
>I have all this debt and am trapped in this wagie hell
>I own a few thousand dollars worth of shit coins. They are my final hope

How do you wake up every morning knowing that every day is the same? That you will sleep and wagie your way through life until you die sad and alone?

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Slave screams he spends his life learning conformity
Slave screams he claims he has his own identity
Slave screams he's going to cause the system to fall
Slave screams but he's glad to be chained to that wall


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Ok folks I picked up a massive amount of Python learning material for 15 bucks a week or two ago

If I devote my time to learning how to code (have never before done so in my life) will it be worth my while?
I own a business and I usually have a couple hours of downtime during the day between customers - could I make money doing coding work from my office?

Trying to retire early and any extra money I can make the better

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>eat your dog if team player

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>bust my ass to get an IT help desk position
>40k a year
>2k LINK stack because I'm terrible with money
>feel incompetent compared to people that are probably larpers
>was obese my whole life but lost 100lbs last year
>still a kissless virgin

Keep going or end it all?

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>miss my last job so much fun times we had

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I already have one, but I tested it and people can still easily see what's on my screen by walking past my desk and casually glancing at it

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>down 80% in crypto
>still tell my family I'm 10% in the green

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(((Generous Vacation Time)))

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Also pic rel is you.

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Did I hurt a nerve wagied? Don’t forget to smile and ask them if they would to make it a combo for an extra $1.

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>"Hey, Anon, it's Mike. Plans changed and we need you to come in on Christmas. Counting on you here."

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>It's not even a meme, it was rejected
is knowyourmeme on the blockchain sirs? if not then it is not valid
and don't forget to fill out those reports before you head out for the holidays!

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Is it one of those shutdown periods where the company forces you to spend your own PTO (personal vacation time).

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>anon, why aren’t you donating blood on this months blood donation day?

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>mfw i also have a side gig some week-ends
My pay is half the min wage in my country and most of my time is spent lurking/watching anime.
My boss gives me almost nothing dev related to do and pays me half of min wage.
How can he keep getting away with it

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