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"They" are tamping it down again!
$24.88 seems to be the new resistance to whatever "they" are doing.
Seems like 'they' want to keep it as low as possible but as long as its below $25, 'they' arent sending the death squads to /pmg/'s house, yet.

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Business Marketing Theory i have. BTC has succeeded at legitimizing cryptocurrencies as an accepted commodity for the most part. Once that become the case, businesses and corporations will start to search for a better bang for buck option when it comes to cryptocurrency technology. ETH is better bang for buck than BTC

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So be it.

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The only thing making me happy right now is knowing that XRP, TRX, and XVG newfags are probably committing suicide right now.

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>tfw never comfy alone
>tfw never comfy around other people

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I'm a nobody and probably always will be.

- Nobody

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>Chinks wake up
>Burgers wake up
>Russia wakes up
>Pajeets wake up
>Eurofags wake up
>Ausfags wake up
fuck this shit I just want a decent nights sleep already

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i hurt myself today.

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let it be so

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> Be me
> Mom was stay at home mom
> Dad was successful real estate developer
> made millions
> networked with plenty of business high ups.
> was always a good encouraging dad

when I graduated college in 2010, I looked desperately for a job, and after applying everywhere, the best I could get was bagging groceries. So upon my father's advice I went back to school and got an MBA. $50k in debt, and 75 job applications later, I'm currently working construction making about $15/hr.

I think my dad could help me get a job with all his success and connections but he doesn't. He sees me struggle day after day, live paycheck to paycheck I understand that my life is up to me and all that, but after graduation, the man has done 0 to help me get work or success. It's been nothing but struggle the last 3 years of my life.

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>Too bad you're the new euro trash haven. How do the locals view tourists?
>They're gonna fuck everything up
I hear ya m8. I really wish ultra europe wasn't in Split. All those brats and ravers and druggies and they don't even leave that much money at all. Always cheaping out and shit. The worst thing is they scare away finer clientele.

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>Need experience to get any job

>Ok go work for free 3 months
>After i was done i tried to get payed for my work
>Sorry you need more exp how about 2 months more

And i know the scumbag wouldn't hire me after that.

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