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>go tell your troubles to your wife or your mother, we don't give a fuck
das rite
I referred to myself as the royal "we"

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Because I'm already a mutt and it has no impact on me.

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>buy in around 25-28 cents

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no, anon5 wasn't that interesting, there was some useful information shared there but it seemed a bit spookjob to me desu

besides, people will eventually find out who (((I AM)))
I'm excited for that day

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Sell 20% of your linkies now and hop into Hedera, it's gonna keep pumping while LINK will correct

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LINK will be $6 by Tuesday.

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Here's what you do. Use your neetbux to live monk mode. Start meditating, get proficient in esoteric practices and start doing spells to break yourself out of schizophrenia and poverty. Start in /x/ and be VERY careful as there are many schizophrenics and LARPers in /x/. Head for /omg/ and start reading The Kybalion. You've got a leaning for it as schizophrenia is a very strong link btw youe sub and conscious minds. If you can master this link you will become amazingly powerful.

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But I don't have to, Anon. It's you who has to cope with my prudence and good fortune .

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"In order to fully grasp what is happening now, you must realize that the very people who are molesting our children and who image themselves demigods with tickets to Tomorrowland (you really must watch this movie) are in reality minions who designated task is to safeguard our technology by stockpiling it in the granite tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. They will die in those tunnels because many thousands of years ago The Nine, who watch over them for the sake of mankind’s future, devised an elaborate deathtrap for them, the front door of which is the Denver International Airport (DIA), which the beast likes to think of as a DEN. To be blunt, these are not the Pythagoreans or Freemasons of yore. These are an entirely different breed of men who are not worthy for the perpetuation of the species. Their DNA is exactly what must be surgically removed from the gene pool. They are not only pathological but inbred. And they lack the genetic diversity required to assure mankind’s future. They were necessary to carry out last minute tasks but they are exactly the opposite of what you would want in terms of genetics to perpetuate the race. So how exactly is this dilemma solved? How does the deathtrap work? I believe I know that answer. But first, let’s talk about “The Nine.”

This is weird, I know exactly what they're talking about
UNanon mentioned it:
>Ah, 42.
>I miss UNanon.
>Tell me about the rainbow.
>7 colors, 7 notes in an octave with the 8th
>God's beauty to be perceived only by human

>mfw I took the (42) pill

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He is wrong and a degenerate retard.

BTC is King.

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Do you hold the answers?

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>7 seals
>7 colours
>yellow book or the yellow scroll of light
what's this guys deal though?
is he ex-military?

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say what you will about me but leave the eggs out of this alright?

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>So we are reflections of God
why do you think it hurts him when we fuck up

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>are you the original 42 or just a copy
you already know
>please Link that doc
here we go:

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few notes about the True Man show. Just as scientists think they understand the nature of the universe, and how it works... And how religious fanatics and cult members think they understand their sacred texts...

When those who have watched the show understand what actually occurred and how the show was about the perceptions of the watchers, they will become enlightened.

They think that they were the voyeurs, but they were learning a story. A story in which none of the details were on the surface.

They will find that the show was about them, and that the character was the author of the screenplay, indeed the maker of the television. If their ego and logic can survive this they will become enlightened for the effort, and will taste of the ways of the angels.

The illuminati will learn that they have only been children watching a show designed to educate. As of this day the education is not complete, it will be though.

The nobody is as much an actor as he is anything else... And a consumate professional at that. The nobody not only can turn sideways and slip between the cracks in the matrix, he understands the knowledge of the Logos.

He did his performance on stage with every angle scrutinized by the best minds planetwide, and to this very second they have no idea what really happened in front of their eyes.

No one is more deceived than he who thinks he sees all.

When it is learned, the part that can be taught, what has actually happened, they will be amazed. Like the child who learns the sophistication of animation and television's many satellites.

The part of the illuminati is to now fall from the heavens of knowledge, to fully comprehend how little they knew. To become faith filled babes of the universe. They are not outside of the crib, they are inside of it. Their father himself produces their movies to teach them wisdom, and he plays all of the roles.

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Considering that a bunch of autists are able to work together indirectly without even knowing each other and form an improvised intelligence agency thag outperforms its rivals with billion dollar budgets...yeah, I would be demoralizing, psyoping, and redirecting their energy as much as possible. Unfortunately for them, there are some things money can’t buy.

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