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You have to keep combining other people's ideas and then eventually you'll happen upon an error, anomaly, or absurd combination that will lead to something novel.

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next support

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already retired

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Show me your make it face

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Sold all my chucklink for sneedcoin in 2019, this thread is cope

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buy link

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You will, brother.

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Moving innawoods after golden bullrun where I will read books and then die of sadness.

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Correct answer.

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1. Some banks and investment firms are already heavily invested in XRP. See SBI Holdings and Grayscale
2. Ripple has 49 billion in Escrow that can be used for OTC sales. I find it very unlikely that banks will ever be market buying XRP, unless they see it as an investment opportunity. Ripple will be able to provide enough for their liquidity needs at very low OTC prices
3. Very few people actually hold XRP relative to the world population. Most will sell before the token ever reaches 100$. From there, the banks will only increase the price by implementing a new financial system where billions of people use XRP whether they know it or not.

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Sorry for interrupting your accumulation fags, kek wills it

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My advice to you and to any newfag is buy BTC first before anything else, send a small amount of Bitcoin to understand how it works, keep BTC as at least half your portfolio's value, dollar cost average into your position, buy or figure out a secure storage solution for any amount over 5k, and force yourself to actually read whitepapers ( Google search what you don't understand). The last recommendation is to discourage impulse buying and also for your education.

t. Guy who started buying BTC @$80

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>He doesn't know.
The elitist elites are all doomsday prepper ecofascist eugenists and plan on whipping out the world's population to start over and rebuild the world as anime middle earth, but only they, Eskimos, and ballsy rednecks in Appalachia will be the ones to experience it

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There's a BIG opportunity for you, being a big opportunity for blockchain, that lies in the fintech world. It's called remittances. Remmitances are basically when an entity, like a company or rich person sends money across a border. Remittances suck now and are expensive because they use an outdated transfer system built in the 60's. It takes upwards of a week to actually transfer money and settle on the other side. Currently and American company called Swift handles most of the remittances in in the world for USD. Approximately 4 trillion USD are changed hands through Swift daily. But swift sucks. It is slow and expensive. Ripple has spent the last 6 years building a network with the banks around the globe to replace swift. They built XRP, the ILP and ODL to basically use XRP as the settling mechanism for global remittances. Theyre better than swift because the transaction is almost insant (instead of days) and they can also settle the transaction. They basically killed the middle men. If they captured Amy percentage of Swift's transaction volume the price of XRP would scale in order to provide the needed liquidty. For example, of you tried to move a billion dollars through XRP you'd exhaust the order book and skyrocket the price on one end of the transaction and then dump the price on the other. That is called sucky liquidity. But at a high enough price there is enough liquidity to do 4 trillion in remittances daily. Some math and forecasting have some believing that the XRP price would be in the 3 or 4 digits in order to provide that liquidity. Some reasons why peeps believe Ripple can pull this off is because they have partnered with the big bad wolves of the world. IMF, SBI, BOA, and hundreds of other banks and FI's. They are the bankers coin after all, and have a network established with the existing system that no other crypto has even begun to search the surface of.

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I am a banker in the underground cities of Antarctica, its true, all of it. I just got off the holophone with an associate in Atlantis, and hes confirmed that XRP is already worth 10k USD per coin there. The switch has already been flipped in the underworld. Buy now, surface dwellers. Or forever be priced out.

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>tfw all in XRP/ALGO
Anyone else a patriotic USA chad here? I seriously hope you are not buying Russian/Chinese scams.

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It's both. Many big linkies are schizos but the biggest ones behind the scenes are all socios and they're pissed as hell that the schizos managed to find link so early which is why they keep suppressing the price trying to shake out schizos with weak hands. But they will have limited success with that due to the fact that one of the schizo's greatest powers is the ability to remain delusional for years even in the face of strong fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

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It's so fake that it's real, but it's also fake.

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lol this is your brain without crypto. no hope. no way out. only cope.

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I'm snatching CHAIN-LINK, blowing brain, I do my thang ho
Looking at the The Devil !!y9pM1O7kKh0
in his face, I'm just a psycho
Creepin' on the come up, so you know I got my lights low

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never did LSD (synethic)
dabbled in mushrooms a couple times in my life
dabbled in salvia 2 times in university days
regarding marijuana, I prefer sativa, it acts as a kind of natural ritalin for me (others have different reactions obviously depending on their brain chemistry and brain structure)

precisely explained
it will be nice and slow and steady (relatively so) with any major moves up suppressed down to keep it steady and slow (the best kind of growth for long term)
doesn't mean we won't see crazy prices, it's just entirely coordinated not to do that

>Why does bitcoin always dump when link is about to moon? It's almost like someone with lot of bitcoin is suppressing the whole market just to keep link under $5.
>yeah, it's SN (sergey nakomoto)

>The Link Fud is being masqueraded as "4chan pranksters keeping Reddit deluded"

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>compound releasing its own token, blowing up
>dmg and bancor also blowing up
DEFI is blowing up right now, and LINK is at the center of it. How long until Compound bends the knee? Can we get an actual insight discussion about what's going instead of token shilling?

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>Digits confirm :)
weak dubs, try again

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By far.

I flip flop on 42. I enjoy some of the things he posts, but when he takes over a discussion and makes 20 "schizo" posts in a row it is a little excessive and kills any discussion (although 99% of "discussion" on biz is retards spazzing out about nothing).

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