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well, noone really knows shortterm, everybody is just shitting out some number based on this and that mathematical modell. but for longterm you just look on the 10 years trackrecord of bitcoin. and you see 'number just goes up'. you dont put in money on bitcoin as a speculation, because in three months you need your money doubled for some important payment. no you put in the amount of money, that you are comfy with not touching for years. and then you wait and enjoy the show. be prepared for shortterm heavy up and downswings. but, the best proof to look at, is the ten years btc movement. then add the actual climate of infinite money printing, every year inflation fucks you up and robs you and all the rich people. gold was a good inflation hedge for the longest time, but bitcoin now is something just better. and people start realizing it and just get in. the thing with 'it has no inherent value': well nothing has any value from the look of an external viewer. gold is some metal thats propability distribution is somewhat determined by its position in the periodic table, but in the social construct of human society, we tend to project value on scarce things. and this is now bitcoin. there is longterm no stopping that. the fact, that big companies yeet in billions of dollars now publicly is all everybody needs as a reason for 'value'. a huge chunk of moneyrepresenters (companies, funds yadda yadda) believe in, to it is value. number go up (longterm)

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can i see it?

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