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Seig Zeon!

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Yep Ethereum does not have to moon I am just buying because the dollar is doomed and I want to run some Staking Nodes.

You could just as well Invest in anything that allows to to create actual value such as a auto shop or a fishing boat. Anyone who does not invest in the ability to provide actual goods and services is fucked.

This is how it should be. Economics without third parties extracting value without providing any leads to inefficient economies like ours.

I always wanted to own a house =P I have been saving for over 5 years now and Its all in Ethereum. Soooon very soon wahahahaha people will be forced to sell their homes when retirement funds are worthless.

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Also Ethereum allows corporations to create their own money ergo giving them absolute financial power. why would they not want to use it? you can just tokenize oil on ethereum and it is as good as money. Directly swap it for rice or something.

This kind of system was only implemented once that i can think of. Nazi trade points. Basically brazil would dock and offload grain at a port in Germany. they would then get trade points to spend on tractors load up and go back to brazil.

we have only seen this analogy once because trade points only worked at ports because it requires a intimidate transaction to occur in order for trade to happen without an intermediate exchange of value.

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