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Unless you are a money launderer, cryptocurrencies are fucking useless lmao

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>for me
>giving covid shot
>fell in love (with 1 milion)
>nw over 1m wearing 1 million
oh I am laffin 10/10

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Alright, let's assume Bitcoin goes from its current value to 100.

That would barely be a 3.3x.

My question is: what's the fucking point, you retarded cryptofuckers? No only there isn't a use case, there isn't even a monetary incentive to keep this dumb shit alive anymore lmao

Why would institutional fags risk millions in for a potential 3.3x, which is not even guaranteed to happen ever anyways?

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linkies don't know who based Francisco is, should we tell them?

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>try to place buy
>order exceeds your accounts monthly limit: $5000
Oh no no no

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Checked, got you

The pure delusion. You retards actually think you have fundamentally analyzed link and are some sort of elite investor. You know about link because its been shilled to fucking death on this shitty board with terrible infographics and extremely far reaching claims with no evidence. I guarantee none of you have actually even tried to use the mainnet or have even considered the token economics at play here. The mainnet is a piece of trash centralized (it uses one source) API scraper that uploads data into a non self executable smart contract. A fifteen year old could write the code to do this, it tests nothing envisioned in the whitepaper. Now for the token economics 35% of the total supply is in the hands of Sergey himself. The top 100 wallets control 85% of the supply of this coin and it's not exchanges. Binance, the biggest exchange owns ~2% of total supply. Your investment can be quite literally wiped out overnight without a moments notice. Going all into this project is probably one of the stupidest things you can do with your money but retards like you keep lining up thinking you are the next Warren Buffet. Chainlink is so far from a sure thing.
I love it how all you gullible fucks think you've already made it just by purchasing a bunch of meme tokens on a meme cat picture trading platform which does nothing just because a bunch of anons on a kosovo organ trading board said they will be worth a lot someday. Their arguments sound so convincing, so well researched, but the painful truth is that you've been fooled into investing in a honey-worded fairytale of a solution to a problem that isn't even needed outside its whimsical world of princesses and dragons. Starting to notice the pattern? I mean, the project leader is a fucking philosopher for fuck's sake.

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The funny thing is, I am going to buy and make money. Holy fucking retarded timeline.

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kek downboated!

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telling everyone to take their meds...


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>your first day at work
>the bulltetproof glass gets stolen within the first few hours

What now, OP?

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>newfags have to spend almost $70k to accumulate a suicide stack of LINK

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>im getting the tokens for free? Are you retarded?
You paid $50k for 7k LINK (and in all honesty, you probably spent more than that), and it's sitting at a whopping $6.17 right now. Guess you've got to recoup your "investment" somehow, kek.
>inb4 you claim to have bought at 2018 prices

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Financially speaking.
Let's laugh at liquidated bobos.
Then sell

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Should have bought female to male fund (ticket: ftm).
Support your fellow men (women) not women (men).

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do "people" really short things?

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Guys, even if OP is larping. This probably happened to someone out there. Imagine living the luxurious life and then one day being a depressed mcdonalds employee.

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Yeaahhh i don't care as long as they maintain this lifestyle they've developed.

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>10k still in play


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And once they get rich they want a woman that doesn't want them for their money (which is nearly impossible to find). Seems so retarded.

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remember that some guy thought that Internet Computer is appropriate name for his crypto project.

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Bryn Talks a ton

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Hey why tax work then? Of all I do is paint walls and someone happens to pay me some money for it then why should I pay taxes? It's just a 50 dollar bill that lies in my hand. It's not tied to me. Anyone could steal it.

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