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SBF jew scam. He made this while sucking dick in prison. The entire S O Y L A N A chain is a scam

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Cant really disagree with anything posted here.

My take is to slightly tease them in social gatherings like high school friends. They're so used to people kissing their asses all the time, if you rib them a bit they find it refreshing. Im still friends with my old boss who was the second generation owner of a 2.7b per year business based in Germany, even though I left and started a new businesss years ago.

We were at a conference and he lost his wallet skiing in Vail. So I drove him to Denver to get his shit back (passport, money, etc.) so he could get back to Germany. I kept calling him a broke ass deadbeat the whole time when getting lunch, parking, etc. Lol. He thought it was hilarious because in Europe everyone is much more status obsessed.

I know Im right because our top sales guy (10fig B2b sales) doesnt take any shit from owners /customers. Treats them like equals and they respect him a lot.

If you actually need something from a rich person, make sure to offer something first. You have to give to get. Also, dont be afraid to be humble and ask for help/advice. A lot of rich people have been down on their luck before and have no problem helping humble people who ask respectfully.

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How do I change careers?

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