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>90 year old pedos who stole an election after destroying the economy because an orange man wasn't starting enough wars so the poor lobbyists and miltech companies couldn't make money while fracking meant cheap oil was cutting into the profits of oil companies
>but maybe they'll give you some money, after they give their corporate friends some money


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>BTC always dumps on sundays if Monday is a red stock day (inside traders who know what's gonna happen beforehand)
>anti-chinese EO on monday
>tech stocks will tank now that their main consumerbase has been kicked out to appease penniless zoomer negro trannies
>Manchin says no to the stimulus so the market which rallied on the 5th will now dump
>threats of continuing unrest
>America ships in the south china sea because the chinese are going to launch an attack to take advantage of the chaos
>Pompeo recognizing 'Taiwan' as separate from 'China' will probably cause a lot of spooky things

-2000 points is the best I can do, get ready for the boggening of a lifetime.

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My hands are iron but fair.

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He sold?

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Pomp eet.

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