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Very nice

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thanks anon

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Chainlink 1k eoy

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Here are two ways of doing this the hard way or the easy way.

as OP says. The easy way of doing this is creating a wallet on MyEtherWallet and transferring your links to there.
1. Create a wallet on MEW
Go to myetherwallet.com and go through the simple process of creating a wallet. You'll have a public address and a private key. MAKE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR PRIVATE KEY AND STORING IT SOMEWHERE SAFE.

2. transferring from binance to your own wallet.
This means going to your funds in binance, clicking withdraw, typing the public address in that you created on MyEtherWallet and going through the confirmation process of binance. (confirmation email/SMS code).
Make sure to try a small amount first to make sure you didn't make any mistakes. Yes this will cost you maybe a dollar or two more in fees. But trust me it is worth it.

3. profit

Okay this is the secure way of doing this. You need an old laptop, a USB stick with a bootable ISO with ubuntu on it and a program to create a ethereum wallet offline. Please DYOR when taking this route. You are only protecting yourself from the possibility of a keylogger on your main pc/phone.

1. Flash the ISO on an old laptop that HAS NEVER CONNECTED TO ANY FORM OF WIRELESS.

2. Create an address on there and again WRITE DOWN YOUR PRIVATE KEY.

3. transfer from binance to your public address. You know the drill.

4. Profit

As you can see it all involves getting an ethereum address that you find secure, as in only you know the private key.
Then you just withdraw your precious linkies from binance to that address. Your linkies will be safe and secure on the Ethereum blockchain at your address. And only you will have the key.
Hope this helps anon. We're all going to make it.

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