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Im killing myself

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Yeah it was a target one. I networked my ass off, but the application process is entirely automated these days. I just couldn’t pass those virtual Hirevue interviews and IQ tests as they required near perfect scores when I applied to banks and investment firms.
Considering that Warren Buffet wrote that “you don’t need a high IQ to be an investor” I actually feel kinda betrayed.
Yeah I’m starting to see that.
Instead of dreaming of working at an Elite rich mans profession, I should have just learned a trade
I manage a 5 figure portfolio (including crypto). But it will still take years for it to reach 6 figures

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>yes mam, do you have 15 mins? I would like to tell you about the latest groundbreaking new bitcoin investment shares
>Thank you mam, it is called HOGE
>Let me explain mam
>With the amount of work being done on this coin now it’s pretty crazy price is still so low. Literally just hop in telegram and see everything that’s happening. This is an easy 5-10x soon.

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>burgerland about to wake up

What happens next dogebros?

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>open a fidelity account so i can trade OTC
>can't trade pink sheets or whatever
GODAMMIT. I keep missing these trains

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That feel when 5570 stacklet

I'm tempted to drop 15 grand on Ada on the next dump someone talk me out of this please

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It is over

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Why did you buy, anon? You made it dump

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We got too cocky bros

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Tell your family you love them in your suicide note.

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>Breaking News: In a pre-dawn vote, the Senate backed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion aid plan, clearing a key hurdle. Vice President Kamala Harris broke a 50-50 tie.

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Remember when there used to be 8-10 LCX threads in an hour?
I fell for pajeet rugpull scam.

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Wish I could buy a gpu. It's scary to buy on eBay from the scalpers. What if it is doa? Ur fucked bruh. I'm mining with my 1070 rn and I bought 1050ti because you can still get them near msrp on Amazon but they are barely profitable compared to current Gen cards.

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Got told off today for doing so little. Reviews are due 14th this month. Am I fucked? Hold me /biz/

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>bought GME and XRP at ATH

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>the thread is one hour old
>below 300 replies

It's over pmbros...

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Holy shit I wish I looked into this project sooner
Guess I’ll wait for retrace now

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>used to joke on /biz/ about ending it if I didn’t make it by 30
>tfw turning 30 tomorrow

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>knew bao would moon
>wait for bank transfer to complete (one week) to buy
>By that time it had already 3x’d
>”I guess I’ll wait for a dip”
>it doesn’t stop
How am I supposed to cope with missing a fucking 15x
Opportunities like this don’t come every day what the fuck bros

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>he forgot about the ID

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Only once will I post this. Only once.

Those of you who have been blindly following the chainlink shills are absolute fucking retards. If you had an IQ above 90 and spent 30 minutes researching, you'd actually understand why you are making the best investment of your lives.

The problem with this board is literally most of the Chainlink shills could not explain to you why Chainlink is actually an amazing bet. The few anons that do get it and post legitimately useful information get ignored because most of this board is dense and dumb as fuck and when they can't understand something they act like it wasn't even posted.

Chainlink is next gen. It will make all current holders with 10k+ millionaires. You may have to wait 2-3 years, which most of you will be too dumb to do. You'll see a 5x a year from now and because you've been checking the price every fucking day for over 1500 days you'll think "fuck it, I'm selling, this isn't going anywhere!". When the token actually goes parabolic you'll be holding the keys to your piece of shit Corvette and those of us who weren't total brainlets will be having you park our Bentley's because you work as a fucking valet now.

This is not pasta. Do not repost this. This is simply the truth. Fucking screencap and check back in 2021

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